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BMW Style 44 Wheel Mystery



So I have a used set of BMW Style 44 wheels that I picked up around five years ago that has seen better days. Aside from all wearing 2011 build date snow tires, one wheel is bent and another is cracked. Fine that's what you end up with sometimes. But here's the question. Although all the spoke stampings and casting marks are the same on the four wheels (size, offset, BMW, etc.), I noticed that the bent one has a different inner lip (an actual lip) than the other three (flat surface). Are there different versions of Style 44s, have I got the style wrong, would a replica have a BMW casting, or is this just a thing?

Any insights from BMW tech gurus?






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One of the wheels might be an updated version, a spare, or sourced from a different casting facility. I'm not quite sure which BMW's were all offered with style 44's, but if there were multiple models offered with the same wheel, they might have a different place that sources the same style wheels. The other reason could be casting improvements or a lack of material in a region that was producing wheels and they switched suppliers. Either way, I find it hard to believe there would be a "replica" of a style 44 as its not a highly desirable wheel. 

I could also be very wrong as well, who knows. 

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