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  1. Where yu located ? I am in Menasha WI, send me a message 9203642373
  2. Over 50 hrs labor and well over 500$ into parts you cannot find , I am officially finished with the m5 throttle bodies disassembly: 6hrs , labeling and pictures cleaning: 10-15hrs or more I’m sure +mat. masking and prepping for paint: 8hrs+mat. paint and unmasking: 8hrs+mat. plating hardware sorting:2-4hrs+mat. bearings seals bushings:6-8hrs+mat. polish barrels butterfly’s:6-8hrs+mat. reassembly: 10hrs with endless research for sourcing parts time and patience pays off !
  3. Lmk if still intrested in the diff . I’m sure we can work something out , I will be primarily focused on engine for some time ..lots of work ahead
  4. Decided to pull the guns out yet again ... snagged up yet another bmw ,this time an e34 m5 ..i only intend to use the engine and drivetrain for my dream project ..s38 stuffed’’ into an e30, the plan is to replace restore every single nut bolt seal gasket bushing bearing everything with extensive detail .. so far I began with the throttle bodies. top of engine working my way down, engine harness ..everything getting restored, .carbon intake in mind ...should be fun , enjoy!
  5. Thanks to wibimmers for existing or I wouldn’t be building my dream engine ., as long as I continued to search ,I knew someday I’d find. project s38 build begins !🤮🤑
  6. Where you located ?? I can set this up for pick up exc , need my number to call me lmk?
  7. This still available I would love to absolutely take the engine and drivetrain !!??
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1991-BMW-3-SERIES-E30-2-5-325i-Coupe-ALPINA-B3-Evocation-Auto-/383229242006 ☃️
  9. What do you know about the cars past ? well aside the the 1000 other projects,I had short time to pluck away some at the e30 started pulling them diving boards off and getting a good feel of the over all car meticulously finding the weak spots I’ll have to fix down the road like battery location rust exc ,the rest of underside looks darn good to me ,realigned the hood up again., I think this car is worth restoring if it takes me 10 years every bit and bolt.. for now I’ll have a little fun along the way, so I found some cheap evo bumpers I am goin to fix up and custom fit for now for fun w
  10. Plans originally were to far over budget and bigger than the house so to keep within reason I decided with a 22x34 slab for garage..coming from a 18x18 mound of rubble without a door, so should be ok I imagine,.again originally planned over budget with 12’ walls and a lift on the end, I decided I’ll still make room for lift just with a different layout. Should still all work....the concrete alone for all the work I need done is over 12,000 alone so it adds up fast. I plan to build it myself with some help for electrical.
  11. 😆🤪😂 Times for a bigger garage .. thanks bmw 😉
  12. I had to share this fun time today with the fam peeling the garage away for the new one ...and always fun to use the bmws when needed 🤣
  13. Wow great video ! i could’ve sworn I almost bumped into you the other day at menards . I wanted to say something tho you looked like you were on a mission so I just continued on , keep up the great work I’ll be doing this soon to mine at 148k . I do think it was done roughly 80k so not quite as bad as that puppy was tho wowza yuck 🤢 😂
  14. Otis? Who chad?... lol ... , so I ended up purchasing a 85 325e without an engine or trans and in pretty darn good shape , the underside amazes me the most it’s near rust free and the pinch welds are near perfect ! This is exactly what I wanted for the m30 engine trans swap ,lots of time to invest ,should be a fun adventure!.I am stoked😆..so here’s a few quik pics .🤪
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