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  1. Plop down some money, anyone can have one. I'm fortunate enough to have bought mine when they didn't cost too much...
  2. Hi Dan! I've folllowed all the online guides and it's not working out. There is something amiss and I have lost interest in trying to figure it out. Maybe I'll try again if I don't get any good suggestions. I know I can do it, but like Rich said, the racecar is much more fun to work on anyway...
  3. Rich! It's Dave. It's just a rats nest that needs to be sorted out and I'm tired of working on this car. Need to sort it out, then it can be sold...
  4. Struggling with the premium stereo in my e30. Old stereo stopped working, new one won't work anymore, not sure what the deal is. Tired of messing with it. Any recommendations for e30 stereo install pros in southeast WI that I can take it to? Just don't care anymore to mess with it myself Thanks
  5. Dude, are you running true coil overs in the rear without a boxed in rear upper shock tower mount?
  6. Pinkeys has experience repairing a seriously messed up e30, I've seen pics of what they have done to one car and also seen it in person after the repair. Talk to them, might be worth your time. They can straighten it out me yoj can rattle can it, might be worth your money
  7. I did jordan - you'll enjoy the car, it's strength for me was always the suspension setup worked well and didn't require a lot of fine tuning. Off the shelf j-stock setup is a great setup and very neutral. It had been developed years ago and still works at a fraction of the cost of fancy coilovers where most people screw up their suspension balance achieving a look instead of performance. I built it in '07, daily drove it as a full car for a year or so, then tracked it once. About a week later I gutted it, got a bolt in cage and drove it at the track a ton for about 3-4 years. I sold it to Charles when he crashed his Mini You should be able to run about 2:40 at road America and 1:20 at BHF in that car without pushing it too hard in brake zones. What part of town do you live in?
  8. the a/c buitton works, it's the fan switch. i built the car.
  9. Didn't it still have a electric fan in front of the radiator? It used to stay cool no problem if you turn it on manually on the grid with the a/c button.
  10. sorry to see my old car in this condition! I both hope and expect you plan to have the frame checked before assuming it's still straight. e30 frames are old and not that stiff, in an impact them can be tweaked easily.
  11. But they are advertised as track ready cars -- all the car companies tout their cars as evil track machines. My point is that most of them are, until the weight of any of these new cars shows up around the second session.
  12. Maybe it's driver, maybe it's not. My cars are relatively light. In 10 years of regular track duty I've seen e46 m3's and newer have brake problems every track weekend. The cars that don't typically have aftermarket kits on them. I've seen it in Intermediate and Advanced run groups, typically the instructors know by then that the stock brakes aren't worth the hassle and have upgraded. I saw your car at the BMW club weekend at Road America -- didn't you see any prorblems? One guy ran home for rotors, another needed brake pads -- it's totally common on a hard driven e46+. I'm glad your experiences have been different, but as you push your car harder I expect you'll probably see what I mean.
  13. you sound like a PR release as part of the new video. I know all the info you suggested -- that is not the point. The point I tried to make in fewer words is that it is depressing to see the weight of new cars. Sure, it may be great on track -- for two sessions. Then the brakes overheat, the tires wear out quickly and you wish you could lose another 500lbs fast. That is part of the reason why anyone that tracks even an e46 m3 finds out the hard way after 2 sessions that the factory brakes suck. They are not track brakes and I'm sure neither are these -- despite their catchy blue paint job and fancy piston count!
  14. that little car weighs 3450 lbs? What is this world coming to? Is anything even close to 3000 anymore?
  15. I just had a driveshaft done at A-1 last week. It's installed already but it's a project track car that has never run, so it may be a while before i can tell you how it is. Looked good, nice guys, I'd go back unless I have some kind of catastrophic failure
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