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    SCHLEPN | The E39 540itA Story

    Update! The wagon has been running great! I've been chipping away at some minor coding things here and there. Turned some wrenches last night at Mike's house and added the updated nitrogen charged oil accumulator. This one has a valve that locks in oil pressure when the car shuts down and on start up it immediately throws pressurized oil into the vanos units to stop the 12v Cummins Diesel sounds. Had to run a signal wire to the DME (Pin 8 on the module 2 connector) and splice into a ground crimp. My DME was apparently one from a newer M5 with this option as I was getting a accumulator error code. No coding necessary! Thank goodness!! Did an oil/filter change (181000 on 540i cluster) after buttoning everything up and it was clattering for a second then ran quiet as a mouse! I'm wondering if the old accumulator lost its pressure. Replaced the cracked fuel pressure vaccum hose under the intake. Noticed both my cyclone separator return lines are totally mush and cracking so I will be replacing those next week and doing a thermostat and possible water pump as a while I'm in there approach.
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    Figured I would start a build thread for the M3. I’ve owned this car for about two months now and have huge plans for his car over the winter. I plan to do a period correct build and a “restoration”. This car is pretty rough around the edges in my opinion so I’m going to do a full respray of the Daytona this winter, and replace all aged parts with new OEM stuff. Trim/seals/any plastic. At the same time I’ll also be adding some proper quality upgrades to the car. To start off, the car is a 1995 Daytona M3 that came with the Lux package/dove interior. I had boughten the car off of a local guy who had recently done a 1JZ heart transplant. It’s a VVTI JZX110 single turbo from a Mk2 chaser. The swap was done very very properly with all custom mounts and a custom harness. Still has the ZF trans. My plan power terrain wise for now is to keep it as is, as it’s plenty of power to have fun in and beat the crap out of. Maybe in the future I’ll go with a big single, but for now, I’m content. The car is sitting on 1990’s HRE 527 2 piece wheels with hidden hardware, and BC coilovers. It has brand new OEM M3 calipers all around and Toyo tires. My first major thing I had done was I had a roll bar custom made out of chromoly for the car with beautiful tig welds. While this was being made I had ordered a MKAH Motorsports rear seat delete and wrapped it in Alcantara Suede. (This thing was a pain in the ass to get it to fit and was pretty bunk for $600) but I think it came out pretty good after all said and done. Other quick mods I’ve done in the past month or two include buying Recaro SE seats that I found for sale in Las Vegas brand new only used for a few drives ever. In my opinion a perfect fit, as the seats are from the 90’s and labeled as a “comfort sport” seat. -What m3 is all about. Earlier this week I had also boughten a Momo Recaro Special steering wheel that is also near new, a really awesome find from Australia. I plan to save the current blue fabric for if I ever sell it and re-wrap the center in black seat material to match the Recaro’s perfectly. Also last week picked up a CD43 Business CD to retain the OEM+ lookZ Other than that, the car currently has a ACS rear window spoiler, a BFI industries shift knob, and I’ve changed the interior to the black vinyl door panels and a armrestless center console. I have a million more things I plan to do in the near future and will be updating this as often as I remember.
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    Tool Box Thread

    Absolutely worth it, it’ll have resale value and last longer than what you can buy in the big box store. That’s list price on a harbor freight 44”, sale is usually $443. Plus that's easy enough to move around with you. I’m working out of a Harbor Freight series 1 tool cart for the basics right now since I sold my Milwaukee 46” before moving. I’d maxed that out but I don’t wanna buy a new box until I have a garage but I’m ocd about not having tools organized 😂 Im temped to pull the trigger on a 71-73" box. Farm and Fleet carries the same Extreme Tools box I believe, it's similar to the Montezuma/MasterForce box at Menards.
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