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  1. I'm experiencing an issue that is pretty common with e9x's where the car won't go into sport mode because the wiring gets fucked up from friction over the years. I can sometimes shift it on my own but then it just goes back into regular D mode. Anyway, is there somebody that could help me out with this wiring issue? It doesn't look too difficult if you have experiencing connecting wiring and shit. I have no experience and even less patience so I don't want to try it on my own. Here's what I'm talking about. This video even shows how to give the wiring more slack to prevent this from happening again.
  3. What about having someone do it remotely? I found this for $100
  4. I don't like that he puts a space before any punctuation he uses.
  5. I'm planning on purchasing M3 control arms and the Bilstein B12 kit. Can somebody recommend a good shop in the Madison area to have these installed? Is there anything else I should get done while I'm having these installed?
  6. I was going to recommend Kelly Moss. I saw an Esprit there once when I took my car there so they must have some familiarity.
  7. I got pulled over on I-39 near Janesville on a Friday morning as I was going to pick my dad up for his chemo appointment. I wasn't speeding so the only reason they pulled me over was the front plate. I think one cop may have been training the other because two came to my car, which seemed unnecessary. I was just told to put my front plate on and they let me go. That was the only time I've ever been stopped for it. When I lived in Chicago, I got a ticket for no front plate while the car was parked on the street. They don't seem to be that aggressive here in Madison/Wisconsin.
  8. They have a location on the east side, near me, now so I thought about checking them out. Their Park St. location seems to have generally positive reviews.
  9. Thanks! I had no idea this place existed. I'll shoot him an email.
  10. I went to Exhaust Pros once and the dude was a dick. Seems like that's a pretty common theme in the reviews online. Maybe I'll see if Speedy can do it.
  11. Thanks for the clip. Would most exhaust shops do this for me if I told them what I wanted?
  12. So, bumping an old(er) thread. Anyone done this? And in regard to the Circuit Werks exhaust, has anyone heard one in person?
  13. And the inability to put the registration sticker in the correct spot.
  14. He installed my JB4 for me a few years ago.
  15. I tried finding it on Craigslist recently but I couldn't find the ad. Did someone else with terrible taste buy it?