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  1. This person is just asking to get pulled over for drinking and driving.
  2. Wow, I'd much rather save $100 and get this instead
  3. I have those same wheels on my e90 for my winter set up. They look better on your car. I don't like the way they look on mine.
  4. I got stuck with a Malibu for a month while waiting for my airbag to come in. Priuses were leaving me in the dust.
  5. Pontiac Grand Prix GXP because V8.
  6. How about this e90 in Madison?
  7. Bite his hose?
  8. I'm guessing this is it:
  9. Good news! The mirror fixed itself somehow. I popped the mirror cover off, ready to drill a hole in the mirror as one of the fixes instructs. I was wiping off some of the gunk that was built up on the surface and then the motor started making a noise and the mirror popped back into place. So I didn't really do anything to fix it. I'm tempted to cut the wire that controls the folding function so this doesn't happen again.
  10. This is pretty cheap
  11. Wasn't sure where to post this so I'm putting it here. Has anyone had an issue with a folding mirror where it doesn't stop in the correct position when folding out and actually goes all the way back so the mirror is facing the ground? If so, what was the fix? Mine started doing this over the weekend and now I have to manually put the mirror in the correct position every time I start the car. A lot of the "fixes" just mention cutting the wire that controls the folding mirror function. But I'd rather fix it than do that. Here's a better idea of what I'm talking about:
  13. The clear coat is peeling in some spots and the bottom of the front bumper is really scraped up. And the wheels have some rashes on them. But other than that, it doesn't look too bad.
  14. I thought the same thing. And then I saw the vehicle parked in my apartment's parking garage. So he must've just moved.
  15. Thoughts on this? Price is pretty low and seems like it's had a lot done to it recently....