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  1. The clear coat is peeling in some spots and the bottom of the front bumper is really scraped up. And the wheels have some rashes on them. But other than that, it doesn't look too bad.
  2. I thought the same thing. And then I saw the vehicle parked in my apartment's parking garage. So he must've just moved.
  3. Thoughts on this? Price is pretty low and seems like it's had a lot done to it recently....
  4. I've lived in Madison over 7 years and haven't been either...
  5. That looks really good.
  6. Discount Tire is $16 per tire and they also price match so you might be able to save on shipping if you have them order the tire, assuming it's a tire they carry. I've gone to the Discount Tire in Madison many times and their customer service has been great.
  7. He could've swapped sport seats into it.
  8. Oh my... A lot of things listed as Pros should probably be listed under Cons - like that custom $9k paint job.
  9. Awesome, that works for me! I don't think I have your number any more, so if you could give that to me, that'd be great.
  10. Sure, I'm free in the evenings and this weekend and next if any of those days work for you.
  11. Anyone? I can pay in cash, McDoubles, beer, or Trident gum.
  12. I'm experiencing an issue that is pretty common with e9x's where the car won't go into sport mode because the wiring gets fucked up from friction over the years. I can sometimes shift it on my own but then it just goes back into regular D mode. Anyway, is there somebody that could help me out with this wiring issue? It doesn't look too difficult if you have experiencing connecting wiring and shit. I have no experience and even less patience so I don't want to try it on my own. Here's what I'm talking about. This video even shows how to give the wiring more slack to prevent this from happening again.
  14. What about having someone do it remotely? I found this for $100