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  1. Hi Bob.  New member.  Do you still do Walnut blasting.  I have an 08535xi.  Thanks.  Todd.

  2. That might be too late. Go on wicked overtime soon. Just keep in touch and we will see
  3. ohh..but i never left. id quietly lurk in the backround. thannks i dont have the specific tooling for diesels...get enough people id buy it
  4. Still doing this. Hit me up
  5. Got contact info? I got a bent rim Thats pissing me off
  6. i can do it as well. im in fond du lac
  7. i may someday, just right now the demand isn't up there yet. i hope you find someone that can
  8. im back again for the season..if you need this me
  9. im back for the if anyone needs me
  10. im back! lol ive been really busy with work. and cold sucks..but im doing it again..please anyone who needs this done get a hold of me
  11. Hello Bob,

    Do you still do the blasting? Can you do it on e70 n55? Please let me know when and if you are available.

    1. Bobdudeman1988


      Yes i still do. But not in winter.. Hit me up springtime


  12. I still do it. But i dont come on here alot. Im not here to bash tunes. As far as an oil cooler its an expensive retrofit
  13. Hi, I'm looking to get my 09 JCW clubman nut blasted. I live near Janesville. Just wondering if you still blast & if you do minis. Thanks, JS

    1. Bobdudeman1988


      Never done a mini and it requires a new blast tool. I would be down to try yours pm me for further info


  14. i had someone come from ohio once. lol that was nuts but i guess the cheapest near him was 600
  15. Still doing this. Work as let up a bit so i can do cars same day as long as its on a weekend