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  1. with an LSD they make really fun winter daily. (ice racing time!)
  2. Turner Motorsport shorty equal length headers bimmerworld race y pipe 3” bimmerworld e36 race exhaust
  3. The secret ingredient is overpriced parts
  4. Updated original post with price of $1200
  5. Shoot sorry I cropped that out of the photo. He’s asking $1200
  6. Posting for a friend, I can get you his contact info if you’re interested. Wheels are located in Waukesha WI $1200
  7. We wouldn’t be staying overnight. Thanks for the offer though
  8. Definitely one of the strangest interactions I’ve had haha
  9. Thanks PB1! Autox always looks slow lol. It’s so boring to watch.
  10. Local event today, car did pretty well. New suspension setup is way better. Not sure where I ended up overall, from what I heard maybe 2nd? was also able to give @Rekpoint a couple ride alongs, hopefully he swings out to a some events once he can source an m3
  11. Understand the tw # issue, but what else am I supposed to base an assumption on lol
  12. Those hypertracs, from what I can find, are like a 500tw tire, the conti ECS is like a 340tw. I wouldn’t expect too much from them for your autox needs.
  13. Non crusty chassis are the best
  14. Alignment scheduled for Friday. plan for this season is just enjoy the car as is with the new suspension. I have all the parts stashed and it’ll make a good winter project when I find the motivation.
  15. Hey Rich, just sent them out i also noticed as I was packaging them that MH had 12.5mm Laser engraved on the side of the spacer, but their link and listing I purchased from definitely says 12mm. Hopefully that .5mm isn’t a deal breaker ha
  16. Sorry Boris, I didn’t get the email notification. I will PM you shortly
  17. The GLOCs scream lol. Thanks man
  18. Thanks Joe! it’s technically not an Autocross (insurance wise it’s a time attack). The open course is nice and we probably went around 80-85mph. Way better than the parking lot stuff haha
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