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  1. The banking by the “dip” (gravity cavity) is pretty wild. If you sit in a lawn chair on the high side of the corner in the pull off, you can’t see the road surface. took that with my phone lol, just pointed at it and clicked the button. The fog rolls in heavy there. That river pulls water off the bottom of Fontana dam (like 500’ deep) so it’s like 40-50° . Fogs up all the dang time
  2. Glad you had fun man. Autox is a pretty decent time
  3. I needed to follow up on this lol. just got back from the tail of the dragon, I was driving the evo on NT555G2s. Was honestly surprised with that tire. Have been on that road many times in the evo on firehawks/conti ECS and honestly the nitto was pretty good. brooke was on neogens (Came on the car) and I still hate that tire. Absolute crap on damp asphalt. another miatas at the gap trip in the books and I think there were like 5-6 cars that got totaled this year lol
  4. New boot goofin’ RT660s are backordered Into oblivion so I’m going to try out the Nankang CR1. Have heard great things and should be a happy medium between the RT660 and the yoko AO52s cleaned up and painted the S52, better insulated the coolshirt lines. other than that not much progress. The parts stash grows
  5. @pynacl I’ll be down at the tail this weekend on Sunday lol. Want to jam???? We have a cabin if you need a place to crash
  6. I’m sure you already did, but check the oil pump
  7. Brooke is selling her K1s, pm me if interested
  8. Thanks for all your guy’s work. Was good seeing everyone
  9. Could always see what a dealer would offer you too. Lots of places are offering strange amounts of money to get cars on their lot
  10. Bump still have the 10mm. Can bring them to the e30 picnic lol
  11. definitely wearing the coolshirt yikes
  12. I would think baffles are a good idea
  13. id go for strut tube. I’ve ran both setups. When I was setup to control arm, I would bend the adjustable endlinks, they would bind, the bar wasn’t in a great position either because the adjustable endlinks were so short. Currently I’m mounted to strut tube, way more adjustment to get the bar in a better spot, links don’t bind, etc
  14. Also once you’re settled into the car, sign up for some autox stuff to safely learn how the car acts when pushed. the sum of that cars parts should make for a pretty capable car in that environment
  15. I told @B C to disconnect a taillight before selling so you had a higher chance of getting pulled over lol
  16. Rear spherical RSMs were a bit noisy (understandably so), $12 in poly bumpers later, noise is completely gone. AKG is the best.
  17. Bump. He lives like 15 minutes away from the e30 picnic site. Can deliver
  18. Xbox1/PC dirt rally 1/2 assetto project cars 1/2 rfactor iracing
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