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  1. I figured I'd start a progress/build thread for my e30 like I did for the e36! I posted about the car before but for the sake of completeness: It's a 1991 318is slicktop in Alpine white with an Indigo cloth interior. It was built on April 26th, 1991 which I believe is the very end of production for the e30 coupe so thats pretty cool. It spent most of it's life in Florida so it is basically rust free but like most old southern cars a lot of the plastics are very faded and brittle. I am planning on doing an OEM+ build and just bringing it back to its former glory. On to the pics! I tried
  2. Why Turtle Farts? Be as she's low, slow, and sounds like an elongated fart due to the cherry bomb exhaust. 😬 Regardless, I'm glad she's finally on the road! Backstory: I was looking for a clean E30 coupe since fall of last year, and found this '86 325es on Craigslist in Wisconsin Rapids last May... took the hour drive to Rapids and met with the owner who was best described as "eccentric". He had inherited the car from a friend following his passing and soon realized he didn't have the means to continue working on the car. First impressions were good! Completely rust free, lo
  3. This build suddenly got intense so I decided to start a thread to share with y'all and keep myself organized! The scoop: The original goal was to turbo the S52 and run a .140 MLS at low boost, if I could contain myself, for a year then build the bottom end. After removing the head the number 1 piston was shot. Build time is now! I just ordered: - 9.2 CR pistons by Imagineering - 135mm K1 Connecting Rods There is a 4-6 week wait on the pistons. The head is getting freshened up as we speak. Intercooler is "semi" mounted.
  4. she's home! (and so it begins.) 2000+ miles in 2.5 days. the previous owner was a piece of work, and after seeing how poorly this car was taken care of, i'm a little surprised it made it all the way home without a hitch. (well... a hubcap, a side marker, and some window trim managed to jettison along the way.) i know you are wondering, why the hell would he drive 2000 miles to bring home an e30? hint: along the way home when I received my room key at a Holiday Inn Express and it was room 330, i had a good chuckle. more later, its been a long day. here's the firs
  5. I have a niche business called Krista's Custom Kreations. I make some pretty awesome shift boots. Made to order. Esy install. Check out my business on fb or Instagram : @kcustomkreations Contact me via here, insta, or fb for inquiries.
  6. Spent too much time on BRZO, craigslist search app, and ended up buying a car sitting in California. Details: Year - 1988 Mileage - just rolled over 152k Exterior - Alpinewhite Interior - black w/sport seats Origin - California = no rust!! Modifications.maintainance when purchased: Ground Control Coilover w/camber plates Garagistic X-Brace Garagistic Strut Brace Cross drilled rotors with hawk pads K&N intake w/custom heat shield New catback exhaust 3rd brake light del
  7. So, this may or may not turn into a build thread of my car. I just have some time today and figured I would share some photos. I have a swap waiting to get torn down and installed next winter, but as of now, I am focusing on the suspension. The car is a 1993 BMW 325IC e30 Vert. This car is an original all options machine (besides a LSD ) that I picked up almost two years ago. I have slowly been repairing the little things that go wrong with a 20 year old BMW while trying to improve it to my liking at the same time. Bare with me as I use this thread to post slow progress as its made....on to th
  8. Staggered wheel/tire setup with ACT 17x7.5 rims 4x100 bolt pattern ET38 offset. 215/40 and 235/45 Kenda Z rated tires. Great condition, low miles! A little dirty from sitting in storage. These are hard to find, period correct German made wheels, not cheap knockoffs! Unfortunately the center caps are long gone, and I’ve tried for years to find replacements. Be a great addition to your BMW, or other car. I’ll entertain offers!! $375 Thanks for looking! -Timmer
  9. Hello all, I have this car on Craigslist and I'm going to have the same info here. (Here's the link https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/cto/d/milwaukee-1987-bmw-e30-325imiles-needs/6787201504.html) Model: 1987 BMW 325i from CaliforniaNot currently running as I have taken some parts off (Read below), read all text and look at photos. If interested email this listing and we can set up to see the car. To pick it up you'll need to tow or haul the car in its current state.Reason to sell: The car needs work and good TLC to get it running and I just don't have the passion for it right now.
  10. Free to a good home... ’86 325es cluster, mostly works (sold), and complete dash including 4 cracks. If anyone wants them, their yours! I just can’t bring myself to throw out parts, but my wife is sick of tripping over them in the basement.... she always wins, it’s not fair.
  11. Set of 4 hard to find ACT 4x100 wheels wrapped in Kenda 215/40/17 tires. ACT was a supplier of high end OEM wheels and has since been bought by Ronal.Wheels are in great condition with no paint scratches or curb rash. Tires have plenty of tread left, but have some cupping typical of being on a car with negative camber... Unfortunately, the center caps are long gone, and I don't even know wher to start looking for them😔I like the look of these wheels, but need the money to go towards my build, $450 obo. -Thanks!
  12. Hey everyone! I actually joined the forum a few months ago as I met Brian. He directed me to your community here, but I never introduced myself. My name is Matt and I am new to the BMW forum as well as being new to BMW ownership. I bought my first Bimmer last August and she's a wimpy, but cute, little red '92 e30 318i vert. I'm a local to Milwaukee, born and raised, and I was looking for a place to get more involved in the auto industry. This seems like as good a place as any! I also [used to] write articles and post them to my blog (hate that word) of industry news, features, etc. M
  13. Here is a parts list and DIY for the floor mounted shifter I built for my e30. It is similar to the Bimmerworld race shifter or the AKG stage 2 shifter (not as pretty, but also not nearly as expensive). Parts list: Spherical bearing: FK bearing WSSX12T, x1 Bearing weld cup: FK bearing CPW12, x1 Bronze Bushings: McMaster 5448T5, x2 1/2x13 Coupling Nut: McMaster 90264A485, x1 High Misalignment Spacers: 3/4" to 1/2", x1 pair 1/2x13 stainless nut, x1 1' 1/2x13 Steel Threaded Rod, x1 1' 1/2 Steel Rod, x1 3/4" OD, 0.51" ID, 0.12" W
  14. I'm throwing my hat into the Alpine arena. It's a CALIFORNIA (!!!) 1990 Alpine 325i Sedan. Automatic, and the M20 has about 260k miles on it + a leaking head gasket. But these are perfect conditions for a M50 5-speed swap. We picked up this guy around the end of December before Christmas, however with the fact that we have two E34's to attend to and the calypso e30, my project schedule was pushed back a bit The driver's side of the valance is forked pretty badly, so I'll be swapping that with a brand new one. Other than that, this body is pristine. I don't have any solid picture
  15. Hopefully this is the beginning of an epic transformation of an 89' Delphin/Tan 325i into a rock solid street/track car. Before i bought her: Parts installed (as of 5/9/13): Parts that I'm looking for (as of 5/9/13): Cardinal Red sport seats is lip Z3 steering rack Euroweaves or BBS RM or BBS RS reps or Ronal LS ///M shift knob (sorry Zach the one on the car broke:() an OEM jack A spare bottle cap i'm sure there's more... Coming up... lets take a look at some areas for improvement and discuss my options.
  16. Anybody ever re-wrap a steering wheel? The leather is torn on the top of my e30s MTech wheel and I'd like to find someone to fix
  17. I'm finally trying to secure my battery properly (trunk mounted battery in an 89 325i), but i've got a bit of an issue. The battery cable that is currently on the car does not appear to have the correct terminal on it, which means that it wont work with the proper battery (group 48?) The correct one is pictured below on the left (it has a unique 90 degree drop thingy), and the one that I have is similar to the one on the right (it's just straight). Can I buy the correct end and crimp it on (i suspect not), or do i have to buy a whole new cable? The problem with having the straight terminal
  18. So a while back I found this site looking for some random picture of some rare random part. I have since visited back many times due to the awesomeness of the e30s and the great details. I just thought I would share it in case anyone else might have missed this site and wanted something to gawk at. Enjoy:) https://drive-my.com/social/groups/item/49-bmw-e30-club.html?tag=2014
  19. I been wanting to make a build/progress thread for a while so here it is. I haven't done much work on the actual car, just collecting/cleaning parts for future plans. I still am not 100% sure what I to do for the engine. The m20 stays and I bought an e36 m3 crank for the 89.6mm stroke but as far as boost/NA goes I don't know what to think. I really like NA but I also like a lot of power. The bottom end is going to be forged regardless, s52 crank & rods then a set of custom pistons (maybe JE or MM). The unknown I have are the bore diameter (86mm maybe) and compression ratio for boost/NA. id
  20. Well today I made a trip down to Chicago to pick up this: ^ Crab! Its a red on tan 1992 325i vert with 132k on the clock. Its a 5-speed with a factory LSD and apparently spent most of its life in California so the car is basically rust free aside from one tiny surface rust spot on each door jam. There's a big dent in the driver's fender/door, but otherwise the paint is in great shape! The interior is actually in decent shape too, just really dirty. The drivers seat is trashed but the passenger seat is in great shape, a little splitting at the top of the rea
  21. Lately, I've been having an interesting problem with the e30. Once the brakes heat up, the left rear rotor/caliper makes an awful squealing noise, but only while off the brakes. Once you press the pedal, it goes away. I've tried anti squeal but it didn't change anything. Any ideas on what's wrong? I'm thinking it's probably a dragging caliper, but maybe someone on here has some insight.
  22. Looking under my car, the fuel feed line is thickly rusted over to the point of flaking off. I am considering replacing the entire line from fuel tank to engine. Has anyone else run into this? Does it make sense to replace? Where can I find a new fuel feed line? Thanks!
  23. Hey everyone, I'm Johnny, back in april I picked up an 89 318i, had the car for a month and took it to SoWo in Helen, GA with @Earl and @johnprusinski car performed flawlessly and I'm very happy I also have a stupid slammed 94 miata, it has broken 2 laptops my girlfriend has a bagged 04 mini cooper s, and i race autocross at miller park in my dads 08 honda s2000 cr I've got a husky named Banksy and I live in Oconomowoc
  24. So, this has happened a few times, but not in awhile. Previously, I figured out that the problem was a loose fuel line clamp on the top of my fuel tank under the back seat. If I park on just the right angle or slope, my car would have a difficult time firing. It would turn over fine, but just keep cranking with a little sputter here and there. If I would wait a minute or two and try again, sooner or later it would fire, and once it was running, it would be fine. I fixed the fuel line and haven't had a problem since.....SINCE today. I was pretty low on fuel and when I started my car this morn
  25. Hey guys, Does anyone know where to properly mount an alternator ground cable on an e30 m20? I've searched online and in my repair guide with no luck. It looks like it can reach from the back of the alternator to the engine mount ground cable location. Is that where it should go? Hoping it will limit the amount of radio whine I am getting. Thanks!
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