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  1. Welcome! We have users in both areas, mostly Milwaukee but we are slowly spreading across the state! Are you at UWM?

    Where do you go to school?

    I finished @ MSOE a year ago and saw a black E30 with TRM wheels and one other black car, it could have been yours, parked on the street closer to UWM.

    I've seen some e30's here in Milwaukee and only a few back home.

    I've never had the car down in Milwaukee though (trust issues)

    I'm a junior at MSOE

  2. Welcome. Looks like you have a very clean example of a wisconsin e30=)

    thank you sir, I don't drive it in the winter and i don't think the PO did either; I stored it over thanksgiving and it now sits in hibernation under covers.

    There is one tiny tiny rust spot, on the rear kinda by the license plate light, barely noticeable but it still bugs me; underneath is pretty spotless too, except for all the oil it leaks :mad:

  3. Willkommen, fellow Schwarz E30 owner! :D

    What part of WI are you located?

    The car looks fantastic!

    Thanks! Schwarz all the way!:cool:

    I cleaned the shit out of the car the first week I had it, clay bar'd it twice, wax, pulled interior to clean it, etc.

    I'm in Eau Claire/Chippewa Falls area in the summers and go to school in Milwaukee.

  4. Welcome!! Good looking e30 you have there!


    Welcome, clean car! Looks like fun! Tons of information on the wibimmers forum. And no question is to stupid to ask! :)

    I've been lurking for about a day-ish, there is quite a bit of info :eek: I'm sure I'll have questions in the future


  5. Was on r3v the other day when I saw someone mention wibimmers. Had to join immediately, seems most of the guys on r3v are in CA. It's nice to have a somewhat local forum.

    Anyways, I've always liked the look of the E30 and had been searching for one for the last 3ish years. This last June I finally saw one that fit what I wanted and scooped it up.

    It's a 1989 325i with an is leather interior, lsd, 5spd, chipped, is lip & spoiler, borbet wheels, kyb shocks & vogtland springs. (done by po)

    It has 155,xxx miles (probably more) replaced with a odo that reads 174,xxx and doesn't work either.

    It needs new shift bushings and it sweats quite a bit of horsepower onto the garage floor. ;)

    This winter I plan to address both of those issues, but time will tell.

    I didn't put a whole lot of miles on the car, probably not even 1,xxx ; because I ride my motorcycle as much as I can, wayyy cheaper.

    But yeah, plan to hang onto it for a while and do some minor stuff and so far I absolutely have enjoyed the shit out of it.

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