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  1. I'm not very familiar with the e60 just moved on from and e30. I did do a brief search but it didn't really seem like there was any options to replace the CIC since it does all the engine/car monitoring stuff as well as radio, nav, phone, etc. Any examples?
  2. No luck with that. I did see something about taking out the CD changer fuse which can cause the CIC to have to reset and got the same advice from another forum. So in I went and removed fuse f38, except wait I don't have a cd changer and there is no fuse in 38. So I put one in, nothing. I see that I don't have a fuse in the nav spot but I do have nav and it worked when CIC did, I also see I have a fuse for dvd but don't have that. So (DO NOT RECOMMEND) I start pulling fuses and putting fusing and trying anything to get this stupid thing to work and BAM the wipers start going crazy, I can't turn them off they stay on even with the car completely off. Battery warning lights, 4x4 arrow lights, ! arrow triangle, brake, etc etc etc lights on everywhere no way to stop the wipers. I pull the wiper fuse f16 thats only way to stop this. Replace fuses to what was before, put in f16 wipers start back up crazy, now I'm sweating. Car on/off/on/off nothing is stopping this. Finally by some minor miracle I do something and BAM no crazy wipers 4x4 arrow light I turn wheel to clear it and poof its back to how it was before CIC still no good but no crazy wipers no mini Vegas strip on the dash. And thats where I've left it. CIC still seems to be toasted, my battery is being drained, I can hear some fan somewhere on constantly even with everything off, and on start up it sounds like CD is trying to eject every time but nothing. I've had car on charger since I took it out so now I'm gonna disconnect the negative terminal and maybe with it off for a while it trips something. I'm gonna call around to shops Monday to see if they can 1. do the CIC swap and code it and 2. how much is it. In mean time anyone else with ideas to try? Shops to call? Other suggestions?
  3. Hi all took my 2010 e60 535xi with 70K miles out of storage to enjoy this spring summer only to find the CIC is dead. When getting the car out the battery was completely dead, I'm thinking now something is draining the battery as I've had to keep a charger on it every couple days since. When we finally got it running the CIC would boot up the BMW letters would come on the screen for a few minutes then it would reset and try again. I've been going for some drives during this shelter at home hoping something will just click and it will complete the boot up but no luck yet. Looks like I need to get a new CIC unless someone has a different idea? This also seems like its a stealershi...I mean dealership fix again unless someone knows another shop in southcentral WI or northern IL? Dealership has quoted ~$2100 all in to install new CIC but their description of options doesn't breed a lot of confidence. I can't even listen to the radio, the car turns on, clock is out, defaults to KM, the only sound I can get is a car door open or seat belt chime. I have a gut feeling that the CD player has a disc stuck in it but I can't remember and there is no way I've found to check since no buttons work eject etc. Any help?
  4. fnf01

    E30 & IX parts

    bump, doors and armrest left
  5. fnf01

    E30 & IX parts

    IX body kit and hella headlights are gone. Need everything else out asap
  6. Getting out the E30 IX game, have a new toy need space and really just want this stuff gone. Priced to sell want this gone ASAP. $50- two e34 tan arm rests was going to install on the sport seats, $225 total if you buy the seats too $300-Full set of doors off ‘89 325ix sedan(no door cards). Would sell single door for $100 or part it out for whatever you want inside for $100 *Also selling my 91 325ix sedan. Its not a car/project for everyone (rust) but the right person it might be a good deal.
  7. Hi all, Looking for any recommendations on a shop to do a checklist type inspection, really would like someone familiar with the e30 and especially an ix. I'm hoping for a shop that do a once over of my 91' ix let me know what should be fixed (I've turned a wrench a few times but I'm just not comfortable diagnosing issues) etc so that I can tackle what I think I can tackle and then also have them do the things that might be outside what I'm looking to do personally. I'm pretty sure it needs: a valve adjustment (I might take on) rear wheel bearing-drivers side (I'm thinking I'd like them to do) parking brake adjustment-tried but didn't succeed so thinking farm out with the wheel bearing various rust repair-welding (I'm doing) Fuel gauge short-replaced ODO gears which was successful but since putting the cluster back the fuel gauge reads full all time, its definitely not.-might take another stab at it myself shifter rebuild-was thinking I'd tackle but being an ix might be out of my zone new suspension components-probably me whenever I get a change to buy the parts various bushings throughout-TBD I'm hoping for somewhere/one in Madison area, not trying to drive the car too much until I at least get the wheel bearing fixed Thanks!
  8. Looking for a fender, color unimportant, surface rust could be ok. Prefer an IX but will drill it myself if I have to. May possibly take a dented/damaged fender if the area I need is solid and use as a patch panel to weld up my fender. Looking to fix my rotted away 325ix fender, its gone from about the trim piece down from the wheel well to the corner that touches the door.
  9. FYI those reading in future these ended up selling (at just below my asking price to account for fix). It was full disclosure buyer knew everything and needed the set for their project. They needed it when I was selling, right place right time right price everybody’s happy
  10. Thanks for the picture would have saved me about an hour figuring out what was going on if I'd had that over the weekend. Anyway the seat was bugging me being inoperable and selling like that so I've taken it completely apart down to the frame and discovered the frame is cracked just above the tube that goes through the seat. I'll weld it back up straight or find a new seat bottom and make the seat whole and the set whole before I part with anything. So Mods can you please take this ad down. I will not be selling a seat in this condition and don't want to deal with selling pieces at this point.
  11. Thanks for taking time to respond. I’ve seen the demand for sports and agree the tans local on CL are a fair deal for sports and I’ve seen them for much more. A quick eBay search for e30 seats brings up 4 sets of just the comfort front seats for between $400-$500.
  12. No worries, that’s what I’m seeing on national CL and EBay for just seats if not higher. With all four door cards, handles switches and full set of seat belts I think it’s a fair deal especially for black. Someone finds a better price by all means they are welcome to it. I think this is more than fair and plus side doesn’t take up much shop space if I’m holding onto it.
  13. Complete comfort seat black interior out of an '89. No rips or tears in seats. All four door card out of a sedan. One door car has a small V shaped cut and driver's pocket is cracked. Have all seatbelts as well. $xxx for everything. NO LONGER FOR SALE.
  14. If anyone else is wondering swapping rails on seats is completely doable. I did swap over IX rails to sport seats, I cleaned up some rust repainted and lubed and good to go. I also have taken that set of sports and got them fully functional which they where supposed to be when I bought them but how often is the ad every 100% 😕 Been looking around for upholsters/kits in leather to redo just the sport seats. So far not terrible but also not real appealing prices especially compared to their full interior prices. Still 70% of the full price, which I mean the sports are a lot more work then a back seat but I'm still looking around. I'm pretty close to just trying a re-dying diy job on the original tan to go to red but with the wear they have its almost not really worth it. Also considering buying the leather and sewing it up myself, I was fairly involved in my other car's reupholstery job and I can work my way around a sewing machine. If anyone can recommend an upholsterer or kit let me know!
  15. Thanks I might reach out for sure, this one definitely has some work that needs to be done but totally feel you couldn't let it get crushed or parted so just gonna roll up the sleeves and give it a go. (the one you got doesn't happen to be a black automatic does it?) Yep it was, originally thought the ad just never came down but finally got a response. Honestly it was one of the worst back and forth I've had, to get a phone number alone was ridiculous and then to try and reach him I might has well have been using a tin can and string. What should have been 2 day deal was 2 plus weeks after waiting 2 weeks for initial contact. I'm happy with what I got but I won't delude myself too much in how hard I tried to get this done and what I gave up.
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