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  1. fnf01

    Full E30 Comfort interior

    FYI those reading in future these ended up selling (at just below my asking price to account for fix). It was full disclosure buyer knew everything and needed the set for their project. They needed it when I was selling, right place right time right price everybody’s happy
  2. fnf01

    Full E30 Comfort interior

    Thanks for the picture would have saved me about an hour figuring out what was going on if I'd had that over the weekend. Anyway the seat was bugging me being inoperable and selling like that so I've taken it completely apart down to the frame and discovered the frame is cracked just above the tube that goes through the seat. I'll weld it back up straight or find a new seat bottom and make the seat whole and the set whole before I part with anything. So Mods can you please take this ad down. I will not be selling a seat in this condition and don't want to deal with selling pieces at this point.
  3. fnf01

    Full E30 Comfort interior

    Thanks for taking time to respond. I’ve seen the demand for sports and agree the tans local on CL are a fair deal for sports and I’ve seen them for much more. A quick eBay search for e30 seats brings up 4 sets of just the comfort front seats for between $400-$500.
  4. fnf01

    Full E30 Comfort interior

    No worries, that’s what I’m seeing on national CL and EBay for just seats if not higher. With all four door cards, handles switches and full set of seat belts I think it’s a fair deal especially for black. Someone finds a better price by all means they are welcome to it. I think this is more than fair and plus side doesn’t take up much shop space if I’m holding onto it.
  5. Complete comfort seat black interior out of an '89. No rips or tears in seats. All four door card out of a sedan. One door car has a small V shaped cut and driver's pocket is cracked. Have all seatbelts as well. $xxx for everything. NO LONGER FOR SALE.
  6. fnf01

    New guy with E30 in Madison

    If anyone else is wondering swapping rails on seats is completely doable. I did swap over IX rails to sport seats, I cleaned up some rust repainted and lubed and good to go. I also have taken that set of sports and got them fully functional which they where supposed to be when I bought them but how often is the ad every 100% 😕 Been looking around for upholsters/kits in leather to redo just the sport seats. So far not terrible but also not real appealing prices especially compared to their full interior prices. Still 70% of the full price, which I mean the sports are a lot more work then a back seat but I'm still looking around. I'm pretty close to just trying a re-dying diy job on the original tan to go to red but with the wear they have its almost not really worth it. Also considering buying the leather and sewing it up myself, I was fairly involved in my other car's reupholstery job and I can work my way around a sewing machine. If anyone can recommend an upholsterer or kit let me know!
  7. fnf01

    New guy with E30 in Madison

    Thanks I might reach out for sure, this one definitely has some work that needs to be done but totally feel you couldn't let it get crushed or parted so just gonna roll up the sleeves and give it a go. (the one you got doesn't happen to be a black automatic does it?) Yep it was, originally thought the ad just never came down but finally got a response. Honestly it was one of the worst back and forth I've had, to get a phone number alone was ridiculous and then to try and reach him I might has well have been using a tin can and string. What should have been 2 day deal was 2 plus weeks after waiting 2 weeks for initial contact. I'm happy with what I got but I won't delude myself too much in how hard I tried to get this done and what I gave up.
  8. fnf01

    E30 Bi-Xenon Kits? Headlight upgrades?

    Just got back from a trip to get parts managed to snag a set of US Hella Ellipsoids. Is it possible to use these for the bi xenon conversion? Blasphemous to do so? Should I sell them and use profit to fund the conversion with above mentioned parts? Not attached to these at all, just got a great price and figured to use them or sell to fund as bi xenon performance is what I’m after.
  9. fnf01

    New guy with E30 in Madison

    So just got back from a parts run to Michigan! Sadly still not Detroit, happily super stoked with the deal I got (major understatement) and the haul of goodies! The list (all for E30 ix) Full set of ix body kit(?) All 4 wheel well flares and both side skits, I know these pieces are NLA and figured at the price they were going I should scope them up incase something happened to the ones on my car A complete black non ripped interior! Comfort seats, rear bench and back, all the seat belts, and all four door cards (this is the only damage one has a V shaped cut, and I believe drivers door pocket thing is cracked. I reeeeeaaalllly like the red interior in my car but its cool I could swap it all out for black and the seats would be perfect, but I'm not gonna do that. Question I might start a new thread on it but I'll research first I need to know if I can get the ix sliders off the comfort seats and swap with the sliders on the set of sports I picked up yesterday? The ix slider handle is bent and a little longer so it gets to more the middle of the seat and away from the tunnel in the car. I'm putting the sports in the car once I get them reupholstered and would like ix sliders on them while still keeping my comforts original as well (since I'm keeping them). I even got all four doors! Windows, switches, locks, regulators, everything! Sadly the rust has really done a number on my drivers door and well I might not even bother trying to save it and might just paint and swap this one. Time will tell what I do but pretty stoked. Also grabbed a bunch of miscellaneous nobs and switches, windows, heated seats, heater, fan, etc. Was going to grab the OBC and the gauge cluster but not enough time and really didn't need it. And finally if that wasn't enough I got a set of US Hella Ellipsoids! Pumped! But also need to chill now two bigger trips in two days to get parts haha. ps Almost mad the guy was parting out a 89ix because all he wanted was the LSD to go in some honda civic, the car was on pallets, no drive train, everything but the little pieces and gauges gone from in the car and the hood trunk and doors off. He had been moving it around his place to quote hime "roughly" with the fork lift and was now done with it and going to scrap it. After making the deal for the big pieces I asked to take a look at what was left of the body and he says "if you brought a trailer I woulda just loaded this up and gave it to you"........I woulda brought a trailer 😕 .
  10. fnf01

    New guy with E30 in Madison

    Thanks everyone for the welcoming and suggestions when I make it to Detroit. Straight6pwr I've been reading that same sentiment about recaros and I fully believe it but the seats that were in the little black coupe that got away 100% said recaro in small little letters on back of seat (were your back rests) and I'm 95% that they also said it down low on the outside edge somewhere. Now were they oem to the car idk, where they even real recaros idk. But 100% the seats in the car said "recaro" were black cloth and were super f-ing comfortable lol.
  11. fnf01

    New guy with E30 in Madison

    I'm on the west side Hilldale neighborhood near the Target. Let me know! Part search is off an running! Just picked up some sport seats from Chicago, will need to be recovered and looks like the mechanism refreshed/fixed and a roof rack from Minneapolis shortly. Let me me know always down to help and learn something! PSA!! Will say loud and clear to anyone who asks DO NOT do business with a dude out of Detroit that runs "BMW Rescue"! First complete a$$ on the phone immediately, when he states phone only red flag one. Second posts conflicting prices on craigslist, his "site", and ebay and then gets quite upset when you tell him you'll pay the lowest one you see red flag two. Third he nukes a deal on sport seats (yes I was gonna drive 7hrs each way (never seen Detroit so two birds one stone) over $30 and then demands I not only pay the "discounted" price but also GIVE him my original comfort seats and he is keeping the headrests and three strikes your out. WTF. STAY AWAY! Good news is I saved 8 hours and probably $200 bad news still haven't seen Detroit.
  12. fnf01

    E30 Bi-Xenon Kits? Headlight upgrades?

    Thanks! I'm gonna take the plunge and start gathering parts to do this.
  13. fnf01

    E30 Bi-Xenon Kits? Headlight upgrades?

    Forgive me in advance these might be some stupid questions. So quickly googling the items you outlined in the build it looks like ~$500 dollar project is that close? Your build used the Depo Euro smoked headlights does that mean you bought the kit at ecstunning (or another vendor) and gutted it to use the housing and lenses? I'm guessing if a morimoto bulb burnt out you have to go through ripping all that aluminum tape off to replace it? You mentioned adaptor plates in your repose would those be to use my stock housing (not buying a new Depo one) or to avoid cutting the Depo housing? And any chance you have a complete parts & vender list you'd share? Thanks
  14. Looking at attaining parts and upgrade while the 325ix is in storage. Been looking at headlight upgrades from the stock offerings (admittedly I don't know really anything about headlights and really just started looking in earnest a couple days ago). I know I want to upgrade and Bi-Xenon looks like the top dog but building from scratch and sourcing parts seems to be above my head I could splice some wires and connectors but alone that's about what I'd be comfortable with. I did see a Bi-Xenon kit that was offered on r3vlimited a couple years ago but the thread is dead https://www.r3vlimited.com/board/showthread.php?t=340586 are there any other kits out there for this? Another option I came across was these Euro Smileys https://www.ecstuning.com/b-depo-parts/euro-smiley-smoked-crosshair-projector-headlight-set/hlb3e30echsmk~de/ which seem like an upgrade but like I said before I don't know if its worth the cost or Bi-Xenon (or something else is better use of the money)? Suggestions? Thanks
  15. Hi everyone, Found this site searching the internet for project ideas and fixes for my new e30. Bought an admittedly big project, 1991 325ix 4dr stick sterling silver/red but couldn't stand to see it parted out or crushed so starting the journey this spring. It runs and drives interior is mostly good shape but has some structural issues (that four letter word RUST) that'll keep it sidelined until I address them when it's warmer out. Its not my first foray into e30s but its my first one on purpose. I learned to drive stick more then a few years back on a mid 80s 318is? Honestly all I really remember it was black, recaro seats, 2 drs, and the clutch was crap (not a good car to learn on AT ALL lol) but it was the most fun drive and I've regretted letting it get sold to this day. I'm building a list of items to fix and upgrade on the car while its in storage till spring my big item I'm researching right now is upgrading headlights (thats actually what I was looking for when I found this site through a member's post in r3vlimited) so anyone with insight/experience its definitely welcomed. Thanks ps always down to help out others on projects especially in the Madison area its how I learn best so whether its holding a flashlight or something more let me know. fnf01