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  1. Ragan


    Ill add some pictures of the bimmer this week, but for now ill just post my old cars. Evo went through a lot of transformations, but i never did find anything i was satisfied with except the color. Eg had a low compression gsr built motor, ferrea goodies in the head, and a b16 trans. Evo had gt3076r turbo and the whole 9 yards. No transmission upgrades except the exedy twin disk and restacked my rear diff.
  2. Ragan


    Hi guys, Im new here as well. I came from a gsr 93 civic si (built motor for turbo, never turboed), to a 03 BBY Evo 8 (Gt3076r, flex fuel, supporting mods, FBO, etc), to now an 08 montego blue e90 335xi. Im all about AWD TURBO CARS because i drive my cars all year round. Originally from Milwaukee and now i'm living in lacrosse, WI. Just wanted to say hi to anyone that lives in lacrosse and hopefully we can all have a wibimmers meet someday. Future plans for the car is just to have reliability for now. I've done most of my 100k maintenance except the valve cover gasket. I will be doing the RB external pcv set up for next month. Maybe in a year or two, I can upgrade to a bigger twin or medium to big ST turbo set up and full e85. Thanks for having me.
  3. Ragan

    Diy valve cleaning

    Hey pat, sorry i didn't see this till now. As for pictures, I only took some on snapchat and sent them to my buddies because they were pretty skeptical about it as well. I think the main reason why mine wasn't so gunked was because I travel almost every weekend and so the carbon doesn't really build up on my valves. I don't have a catch can or anything of that sort yet (external PCV set up coming next month). I would say that for myself, I try to maintain the car as best as possible. Other cars and owners might be different, but since the last walnut blasting, I've only put around 23k on the car. My valves were a lot cleaner and easier to clean. I could just spray it down with brake cleaner and the residue would just wash away after letting it soak in B12. The hard part was actually scrubbing the back of the valve itself. That had a lot of hard carbon build up.
  4. Ragan

    Diy valve cleaning

    I will do that tomorrow. First time doing a valve cleaning and I'm really happy with the results. A little messy, but spending $50 on a couple bottles and brushes beats $600 at the dealer or Indy shops.
  5. Ragan

    Diy valve cleaning

    Hey guys, just cleaned my intake valves today as well as replaced the belt ten's I one r, upper, and lower pulley. I used b12 to soak the valves and got them pretty clean. I'm satisfied with them, but having a little idling and driving issue. Car sputters and is bogging a little bit. Just want to know if this is normal for the first couple miles of the cleaning or maybe perhaps something else went on. I also seafoamed the car and haven't changed the spark plug yet. I already replaced the coils today and will put new plugs in hoping it'll make it better. Just wanted to see if this was normal or not. Have a great day members!
  6. Ragan

    N54 Injector Coding/Install

    i will send you pm when ready. I travel to milwaukee a lot on the weekends and pretty booked until after july.
  7. Ragan

    N54 Injector Coding/Install

    Hey patsbimmer, just a quick question. Would it be possible to install the injectors and then be able to drive to a certain area to have them code the injectors? Or would the injectors not work at all if not coded? I would be interested in having you code mine as well.
  8. How much did they charge you? If i go there, ill already have both the new injectors installed and just have them code it. A little sketchy with indy shops doing work since the only ones i really trust was when i was still living in milwaukee. (On a side note, i drive the montego blue e90 335xi with a stitched up front bumper in lax.)
  9. Hi, I have a 2008 e90 335xi and recently I think one of my injectors needs to be replaced and coded. Engine light came on on the highway and lost power last friday. Car starts and drives fine for now, but I had the same issue when injector 6 failed. I have 1 new index 12 injector and 3 that were replaced under warranty a couple years back. I would like to replace my other 2 injectors, but I need to find someone in the lacrosse, WI area to code them. Services will be paid for. Thank you.