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Found 3 results

  1. Why Turtle Farts? Be as she's low, slow, and sounds like an elongated fart due to the cherry bomb exhaust. 😬 Regardless, I'm glad she's finally on the road! Backstory: I was looking for a clean E30 coupe since fall of last year, and found this '86 325es on Craigslist in Wisconsin Rapids last May... took the hour drive to Rapids and met with the owner who was best described as "eccentric". He had inherited the car from a friend following his passing and soon realized he didn't have the means to continue working on the car. First impressions were good! Completely rust free, lowered on bilstien's, all suspension bushings upgraded to poly, upgraded brakes, and best of all, it ran and drove. Unfortunately there was absolutely zero service history, but the car fax showed it came to Wisconsin from California in 2013. It had a terrible driveline shudder and a cracked, but meticulously fixed with JB weld, oil pan. The expected cracked dash, non functioning odometer, and a/c are all present and accounted for. Other than that, most everything else is good. Following a bit of haggling and $2,900 later; she was on the back of a flatbed heading to my house on May 23rd. I felt pretty good with that. I spent my free time this summer replacing the oil pan (thanks Snap!), the driveshaft, guibo, center support bearing, timing belt and other maintenance items, a good cleaning and polishing, and here we are! My goal for this year was to bring it, along with my '89 cabrio, to the Door county Euro rally this September. I plan on a mild restoration to follow in the upcoming years... the big question is: what do I want to do with the powertrain? I want a mild, reliable build, and am thinking a turbo/hybrid (i) build utilizing the current engine, or a outright swap with a newer motor.... after looking under the hoods of a few cars at the E30 picnic, I was overwhelmed with the options and talent that is out there! I am excited to see where this goes.... -Tim
  2. m42b32

    How screwed am I?

    So yesterday I rebuilt my vanos with Beisan seals and their anti-rattle kit, that part of the job went great. The part that didn't go great was when I pulled the vanos unit and found the inside of my exhaust cam was full of metal shavings at the front of the engine. Under the valve cover was extremely clean, not a spec of sludge or shavings anywhere in the head. I changed the oil on Saturday and did not notice any metal flakes or anything out of the ordinary and the filter was very clean. It makes no weird noises aside from the vanos rattle (which is now gone) and it runs perfectly. Both timing chains look to be in perfect shape and the sprockets at the top of the engine looked basically new. Looking down into the lower timing cover I did not see anything abnormal either, everything was nice and clean. I cleaned out the cam with a magnet pickup (shavings are magnetic, all in all pulled less than a teaspoon of shavings) as best I could and re-assembled everything. The shavings don't look very fresh as they came out somewhat black instead of shiny silver so they may have been there for a while. What is confusing me is where they came from, I was under the impression that the cams were hollow tubes with nothing happening inside, so its not like something in there would be disintegrating. And if something else were self destructing like a bearing, I would see a lot more flakes in the filter and oil than just in the center of the cam. Does anyone have any clue where these came from? Is this a normal place for things to collect? Everything else looked to be in extremely good shape so I am baffled by this. I couldn't get a great picture of the shavings but I have one where you can see a couple pieces near the opening at the front of the cam, will post as soon as I get a chance.
  3. M318

    IMG 20130723 184905 857

    From the album: M318

    My S52