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Found 2 results

  1. So... I've got this beast sitting in storage right now: I originally bought it to use as a winter beater because it was RWD and a manual. Ended up daily-driving it for far longer than intended. Mechanically, it's a pretty solid car. Suspension is fresh. Drivetrain seems solid. Needs a CSB, ECU, and has a rotor that is starting to get warped. 290k+ miles. Other than that, it runs and drives just fine. Despite it's age and all the faults that come with it, I've actually become somewhat fond of it, and I'm having a hard time just getting rid of it. Especially, since it's monetary value is pretty insignificant (basically a oilpan, pickup and dipstick tube with car attached...). I've had two people threaten to buy it to use as a drift car, but so far no one has put any money in my hand. Sooo.... What the hell should I do with this thing? It's had 3 WIBimmers owners so far. Seems like a shame to just sell it/part it out/scrap it, but it's not worth much more than that financially. Open to suggestions/looking for ideas here...
  2. https://www.facebook.com/events/751529971651112/ In the initial planning stages of a rally/cruise up to Door County in the fall. Not as a replacement for a traditional fall meet at a park but in a addition to, everybody always wants more meets around here. Looking at giving everyone the option either for a one day cruise or to have a overnight stay at campground or a room at a hotel. Justin (bimmerfan31) will be looking into hotel/campground resort rates for those that would want to make a weekend trip out of it. Any suggestions on routes/stops/overnights would be great! I haven't been up to door county since I was a kid and have wanted to go back for a long time.
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