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Found 3 results

  1. I figured I'd start a progress/build thread for my e30 like I did for the e36! I posted about the car before but for the sake of completeness: It's a 1991 318is slicktop in Alpine white with an Indigo cloth interior. It was built on April 26th, 1991 which I believe is the very end of production for the e30 coupe so thats pretty cool. It spent most of it's life in Florida so it is basically rust free but like most old southern cars a lot of the plastics are very faded and brittle. I am planning on doing an OEM+ build and just bringing it back to its former glory. On to the pics! I tried to get the color of the door panels but the camera didnt pick it up too well, I have never seen this color before but I think it looks pretty cool After a nice cleaning The seats have definitely seen better days (the rear seat is trashed) and the carpet is mostly torn out, other than that and a few other little things the interior is actually in pretty good shape. The dash is 99% crack free with only a tiny one in the tray above the glove box. I am planning on removing those white face gauge stickers (hard to see here) as soon as I can as they are impossible to see at night, hopefully they come off easily... I originally thought it had the standard IS lip in the front as I never looked at it too closely but I highly doubt its OEM, does anyone know what kind of lip this is?? There are no markings and it appears to be made of fiberglass. I kinda like it actually, its subtle and a little different. In terms of mechanicals, the engine is in excellent shape with a recent head gasket and timing chain replacement as well as all the related hoses and gaskets, taking care of all of the m42's serious problems for the time being. Everything else is in good shape but the suspension is definitely tired and it rattles over bumps, especially from the rear. On top of the normal new car maintenance where I plan on changing every fluid, The brakes suck and are past it so I have a full brake rebuild on the way with rotors, pads, sensors, and fluid for all four corners as well as a fan clutch (the temp climbs at stoplights), and a lower oil pan gasket as it leaks...a lot. The drivers side tie rod is shot so I have two new ones coming to fix that. Hopefully I can get all this stuff done in the next week and a half because I will be returning to school then and the car will be going into storage when I return in October.
  2. Hey guys so this my become a bit lengthy but I will keep it as short and detailed as possible. I am fairly new to the BMW world and struggling to diagnose an excessive white smoke on start up along with slight smoking at idle. For starters the car is a streetable drift car. I drive it on the street and abuse it on the track. Engine: M54b30, around 120xx miles on the engine. I swapped this engine into my 330i because when i bought the car it had a junk head and it was easier just to replace the whole engine based on my time constraints. While the engine was out I replaced the oil pan gasket, installed a turner motorsport saftey wired oil pump nut, replaced the oil housing gasket, spark plugs (gapped to what my tuner recommended) Rebuilt the DISA valve with the German Auto Solutions billet rebuild kit and did a few other o rings and gaskets. I did not open the engine besides taking off the valve cover. The car has an RK-Tunes m54 performance flash on it with the burble option, rear o2 delete, sap delete and evap delete. The car has headers and an intake cone filter. The immediate problem: After about half the day at the track last weekend we noticed that when i started the car there was quite a bit of smoke that floats up and into the air. It is fairly thick and stays visible for quite awhile as it floats away. Now I am no newbie to what the colors of exhaust smoke can mean, BUT this smoke is mostly white but does have a slightly blue tint (more white than blue). It has a hard smell to determine becuase it seems to be a mixture of oil and possibly fuel. There is no signs of oil in the coolant (water and water wetter) and vise versa. Fluid levels are the same as they have always been (last checked 2 days ago now) besides having to add a quart after i drove the car proably 1500 miles if i had to guess which was prior to the day at the track. As stated before the car smokes ALOT on start up (cold or warm), there is some smoke coming from the exhaust at idle (looked blue-er than on start up) and when accelerating in first and second I can see a small could behind me (assuming that after that I am moving too fast to see an immediate cloud) CCV system: Now the CCV system is no longer installed. The previous owner added a cheaper catch can in place of the system. The outlet on the valve cover goes to the catch can and the outher inlet on the catch can is linked to the 2 CCV ports on the intake manifold. When i checked the catch can at the track there was minimal oil in it. The catch can system does NOT have a one way valve in between the intake and the can (I read a few forums that said it should?) Lastly when it comes to the CCV i had to change valve covers because the original one was cracked. The other valve cover I had was not (although it was not new) The over inside of the valve cover that seems to be a baffle before the outlet on the valve cover for the CCV has been removed. (was thinking this may be allowing crank case gasses to pass quicker through the system and into the intake to be burned possibly?) After doing a bit more research I found that the valve seals seem to be another possible cause to the smoking a bit at idle. SO without doing a compression test (which i planned to do tonight) would it be a fair assumption that the next possible issue would be worn valve seals? (assuming that the excessive smoke on start up is caused by the seals allowing oil to seep into the combustion chamber.) Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed light on this!
  3. Im failry new to the bmw scene and i just purchased a 2001 330i with an engine that decided to eat a cam. Intake cam on cyl 4,5 and 6 was completely dry and cracked the rear 2 cam caps. I picked up another m54b30 that was from a 530i. I know that I will need to swap over the oil pan from the 330i engine along with the engine mount brackets. Is there anything else that will need to be swapped over that I may have missed in my research? The intake manifold on the 530i engine has a positive battery post on it whereas the 330i does not and im guessing thats because its mounted on the passenger side of the engine bay. Will i need to swap the manifolds as well? Thanks in advance for any info!
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