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08 335xi Advice

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Hey all, New to the forum...


Here's my situation: I've had my 08 335xi since Dec of 2018 and it's been amazing. Just the normal maintenance stuff. Yesterday the E-pack in the clutch went out and I need a new transmission...its $3k.

Opinions or advice on if I should replace the Trans to keep or sell, or try to sell as is? Market value on my car in good condition is between $8-10k, but if I sold I'd obviously bring the asking price down to ~$6k.


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This is a simple math question.

Do you owe any money on the car?  If yes, does selling it for $6k get you out of the loan or are you underwater?  If you can't get out of the loan free and clear then repair it and keep it another few years.  Negative equity is a vicious cycle.

Do you plan on keeping it?  If not do you plan on financing your next vehicle?  If yes and you're not underwater then $3k is about a years worth of payments after putting $6k down (after selling) on a $15k vehicle.  Rough math.

If you don't owe anything and plan to keep the car for more than a year then $3k is just the cost of ownership and less than a car payment over 12+ months.

I would shop around for quotes on replacement.  Where are you located?

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There's plenty of transmissions on car-part with similar mileage for ~$500.  r&r, reseal and fluid change  should be another $1,200.  for ~$1700 you should be back on the road.

less if you want to pull it yourself.

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