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I’m baaaaaack! - Merton

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I bought this two weeks ago in California.  Current owner has had it for 14 years.  Always a CA car.  Zero rust anywhere.  I still have quite a stash of E30 odds and ends in my basement.  What I know I don’t have and I’m looking to purchase are: 


interior - seats, map light mirror, euro clock etc, etc 


who knows what else!!!

Im headed to CA in April with an enclosed trailer to bring her home.  I can’t wait! 

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8 minutes ago, wasnt m3 said:

Welcome back!

Thanks!  It’s good to be back!  I’ve owned a metric shit ton of cars since I left the E30 scene. I am also glad that the picnic is still going!!!  I am trying to figure out what year it was when I did the first one.  Crazy how time flies!!!  

i currently have a 2005 ZHP Convertible and a 2011 335d M-Sport.  Both are awesome in their own ways, but they’re not E30s!!!





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I've since taken the event over last year, after helping with every year after the first. It'd be great to see you back at it!









































































































































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47 minutes ago, straight6pwr said:

Welcome back, Chris. Hope to catch you an the events this year. 

Cant wait to see what you do with the new e30. 

Thanks Dan!  Great talking to you the other day!!!  Spending some time in the basement today, figuring out what cool e30 parts are still down there. I’ve found e36 window switches.  That’s a cool start!

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Welcome back, alpine white for the win! I don’t have any of the specific things you’re looking for, but I have lots of random e30 stuff laying around, let me know if you need anything! Of note, I have a set of parts sport seats (more like 1.5 seats honestly, one is pretty trashed) so if whatever seats you buy need any mechanical work/parts I might have something for you. 

Looking forward to seeing the e30 at the picnic!

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