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2021 Fall Cruise


Cruise options  

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  1. 1. Pick 1

    • Late morning cruise, lunch at ILC's house
    • Late morning cruise, lunch at Joe Mama's on hwy Q
    • Socialize for lunch, extended cruise in the afternoon towards RA

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I've been totally MIA as landscaping is now done and I'm trying to get the garage as close to "done" as I can before the snow flies. So before it gets too late in the season I want to get this going. Last week on Friday I took a day to go west of Madison and make a new route towards Mt. Horeb/Spring Green area which I unfortunately discovered was wayyyyy too long. That's what happens when you go on Google earth and just start point/clicking on roads. I am going to cultivate that - next year in 2022 I will lead a cruise out that way based on my findings. AS FOR 2021, we will be stuck in the Holy Hill area doing one of my more normal routes. 

I am looking to do a group cruise on October 2nd. 

Meet up at my house in Lisbon just south of Hwy Q off of Lake Five rd. I am kicking around a couple of options that people can vote on.

Option 1: Arrive anytime between 9 and 10:30, cruise starting no later than 11 a.m. on a route that is roughly 60-90 minutes. I will have coffee for those who want it. Arrive back at my house by 12:30-1 where I can have smoked ribs ready for everyone (i can do like 6 or 7 racks at a time on my smoker which should be plenty for our group). I have a loaded up fridge with a couple hundred cans of good ass fuckin beer at any given time, and enough seating outside on my patio for everyone. When we get back from the cruise I could toss some hot dogs on or something cuz those are super fast to cook, if anyone doesn't like pork ribs.

Option 2: Same as option 1, except instead of eating lunch at my house, we go 2 minutes up the road to Joe Mama's off of Hwy Q which has outdoor seating and good food, but decidedly more Harleys and annoying truck bros. Choose this option if you don't want to eat any smoker food or if you just hate me. 

Option 3: Similar to option 1, except show up late morning at like 11 or 11:30 and eat lunch at my place, then we do a cruise starting at maybe 1 which could be extended driving up towards Road America and back, probably closer to a 2.5-3 hour cruise instead of the more local 60-90 minute around Holy Hill. This option is of course better for driving, you still get to eat good smoked food, but it does chop up people's Saturday more since it's like, basically from 11 until 4 or 5 p.m.

@B C you are welcome to drive my E46

I will probably for sure have Stuart involved as well although he's not on the forums anymore - he will probably drive my E92 or Z4, and I will drive whichever car he doesn't. 

I have another long-time friend who isnt a BMW guy but he lives 3 minutes away and we have done lots of cruises/track events together and he will be in. So I probably have 3-4 people I know will be in to start with - trying to get a head count for who else would be committed to October 2nd. 

I have a 2-day track event at RA on Oct 16-17 so that weekend is out. Soccer tournaments for the kids most other weekends. As such I'm not going to provide an alternate day. October 2nd or bust. 


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2 hours ago, The Full Banana said:

Sounds fun! I would be especially down for a driftless area drive someday. 

I have some good routes out that way from some full-day cruises I've done in the past. It's tough to get most people in our WIBimmers group for more than like, 90 minutes of driving. Driftless would be a commitment lol 😂

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15 hours ago, i_love_cars said:

I have some good routes out that way from some full-day cruises I've done in the past. It's tough to get most people in our WIBimmers group for more than like, 90 minutes of driving. Driftless would be a commitment lol 😂

I moved to Lake Mills this spring so I’m biased. Driftless to the west, Kettle Moraine to the east… life is good. 

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