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Driver's Ed: Teach me how to drive in cheeseland

Why does Brian suck so bad at driving?  

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  1. 1. Who has the right of way?

    • Yas Marina Blue M4 turning left on the green light has the right of way. The yield sign is all-powerful and left turners get priority
    • Limerock Orange M3 GTS has the right of way because left turns yield to right turns like the drivers manual says. Also because the Yas Marina Blue M4 is actually just a wrapped 328i
    • Im not 100% sure, I just go with the flow and I completely understand your confusion


I don't claim to be an elite driver who could host professional coaching sessions for the next generation of prospective Drivers Ed instructors. I just drive the roads and try not to get in anyone's way. Can someone please explain how to navigate 2 stupid and contradictary intersection scenarios encountered in Wisconsin?

 1) Controlled 4-way intersection with right turn yield sign

2) Controlled 4-way intersection with right turn stop sign





I could be either car, the Limerock Orange car turning right on a green light (with yield sign) or the Yas Marina blue car turning left on the green light.

I read the WI drivers instruction book. Here are the conflicts.



A) Left turns yield to  vehicles approaching from the opposite direction (I agree)

B) Yield sign means you must yield the right of way 

C) Stop sign means you must come to a full stop. You can go only when it is safe to do so.

What I observe in the wild is that people typically yield and people typically stop. But why?!?  Why not just save the money on the signage and default to point A above?   I have a feeling that the correct answer is that on a green light you still have to yield and still have to stop, but it just overcomplicates things when the world can operate simply on point A where left always yields to right. 


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I look it as separate intersections when you have turn lanes setup like this. The blue car yielding to the orange wouldn't make sense because it would stop the flow of traffic. The orange car is out of the lane of opposing traffic that the blue car would need to yeild to in the case of a green light through the intersection. The orange car would then yeild to any on coming traffic.

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Thanks, I appreciate that perspective. I’ll try thinking of it that way next time and see how my brain likes it.

That or  i’ll start making right turns from the thru-lane just to feel like I have the right of way. 😎

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