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Free is the best price! I can understand the noodley feeling especially coming from a MTB, road bikes have always felt a little fragile in comparison to me. 


I recently got a bug to rebuild my old Trek 560 into something I'd get some good use out of as I hadn't ridden it in years. I live within a mile of the bugline trail network and decided it would be silly not to have a bike path cruiser. Between parts I had kicking around and a few smaller bits I needed to buy I think it came out awesome for not much money. 


Got it out for a ride this morning and it's fantastic. 28c tires (frame won't allow anything bigger) and wide-ish flat bars are super comfortable and I've always been a single speed fan so it's fun to have one of those again too. 

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We got my wife into a new(used) bike recently to replace her 20+ old Ross mountain bike that her mom bought used before she went to college.  Needless to say, big upgrade for her.  She's put a few miles on it with and without pulling our bike trailer on gravel trails and it's a huge difference for her.  Roughly 20lbs lighter than her old bike with an actual functioning front shock AND disc brakes.  It's got me itching to replace my 2001 GT Aggressor 1.0...


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I went mountain biking for the first time in ~5 years this past weekend. A ton of fun, but I question whether it's even worth investing in a new bike at my age. They are not cheap...

In other news...





Rolled over 1000 miles, but no fireworks or prizes. Nothing much else to report. Haven't had any more issues. Bike is sill holding together and is still fun to ride.


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