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1. Its amazing how forgiving powder coating can be and how good it looks. Check it out, I literally took this piece threw it in the oven for outgassing and preheat and put some powder on it. 




2. Got heat shielding? Perhaps overboard? No chances. Exhaust has been installed for the last time. There are 3 v-bands and 2 collector flanges, the shit lined up perfectly...no worries on blowing out a flex pipe.







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Basically wrapped up the engine bay today. I have to figure out where I'm going to mount the remote oil filter. Bleed the brakes and clutch. Exhaust is "temporary", I intent to install an electric cutout for the side exit and run a bmw aftermarket cat back exhaust/muffler. We'll see....its all 3.5" round/oval.

I do need someone's help or ideas, I forgot to check clearance for the headlight and the turbocharger intake tube. The headlight (euro smiley) will fit without the cap in place. Is there anyone who has needed to modify the cap or came up with an idea to gain clearance? 














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On 8/28/2020 at 1:26 AM, KaiserRolls said:

nice packaging, attention to detail is awesome! (tbolt thread caps)

also this is going to be reeeeeeally loud lol

Yeah I'm excited to see what it hears like through that turbo, the cam is just nasty. Hoping to get an exhaust on there that makes it as quiet as stock. Thanks @KaiserRolls


On another note, I think I've got the solution to any future fueling problems...this thing is good for 535LPH at 40psi. The pump barely fits in the hole of the e30 tank. I've got to get creative with the hangar assembly, the line needs to be bigger (3/8"/10mm). I'm looking at aftermarket options. If anyone has experience modifying the fuel pump assembly please chime in. 


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I got the new oil filter relocation set up, pics to come in the future on that.

Got the first start up done today but unfortunately I cannot control the fuel pressure. The lowest it will go is 70 psi, with the Aeromotive 13139. The e30 fuel return is too small, apparently on late model e30s there is a venturi on the drivers side of the tank that sucks fuel to the other side of the tank. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I would like to keep the factory tank which means that Venturi system needs to stay intact for the tank to work properly. I might tee the return as it enters the factory location and run another line up to the fuel pump and install a fitting. Anyone have this issue before? What a pain...

Apparently this new fuel pump is the shit...lol 

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Finally go the car on the ground ready to street tune. Just teed on the return and added a fitting to the DS sending unit, fuel pressure is solid. Oil filter relocation is mounted (none of it touches by the way). Ground clearance is solid, lowest point of anything is the turn down which is about 3.75". And added some pictures of the interior, wire diagram I made, and glove box mess. 












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14 hours ago, KaiserRolls said:

Jeeeeeeeesus that “launch control” is useless hahah. Seems like a riot

Yes, launch control certainly is absolutely useless...I'm going to figure the biggest drag radials that will fit and get them on by spring. 

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Alright I've entered full on sleeper mode. I added the 3.5" cutout and a full 3" exhaust with a resonator/bullet muffler and a walker sound fx 18160. Thing is so quiet, driving down the road can't hear the engine at all. In fact. this made me worried because now I can hear all these e30 noises I haven't heard in a long time. Subtle transmission sounds, rattles, its crazy. The car has polyurethane mounts everywhere. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the rear section when I had it out. 





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I've started collecting parts to convert the rear of my car to 5 lug. Z4 hubs, calipers, and rotors with a mounting bracket from SRS. I intend to keep my e38 style 5's and put a 245/50 DR back there. Anyway, listen to the sound of this S369 and Tial 50mm...interior (exhaust) is so quiet all you hear is whining from the drivetrain. 


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