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Getting off to a little slow start.  During shipping, a caliper snuck under the oil pan and, a bunch of bumps later, cracked it.  The guy I bought the motor from sent a "new" upper oil pan. 

The oil pan and some other parts saw the parts washer.

Got the alternator and starter rebuilt for good measure! 

Chip, chip, chipping away! 




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6 hours ago, B C said:

How much of the swap will you be tackling yourself vs. subcontracting?

The car is at my mechanic, Mike Burger's, house.  I'll try to get out there and much as I can.  Time is tight with a busy real estate market and a 2 month old and 2 year old at home.

I'm excited to start turning some wrenches on this.  Once we get the oil pan sorted out then we will pull the motor and get cracking at everything. 

Motor is on the engine stand!  Upper oil pan gasket is coming Monday. 


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8 hours in so far!  A couple snags but nothing major yet.

Trans crossmember bolts up to holes that weren't used before.  Needed to run a tap through to clean them up.


M5 steering box, swaybar, motor & trans.

Just bolted up the subframe, trans, pos. & neg. cables and starter power wire then called it for the day.

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