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The current state of automobiles is no good (bring your emotional support Iguana)

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1 minute ago, snap said:


If you ever procreate, safety ratings suddenly become more important. I dont want my family driving around in something that doesnt have side impact airbags. They make a hell of a difference 

If I'm being honest even at that point I probably won't care about safety ratings. If I did I would 100% drive an early 90's Volvo over anything else. 

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11 hours ago, i_love_cars said:

emotion is a pretty key concept here. At the end of the day, the people who love something are always going to care more and be opinionated about it. So those of us who truly love cars are attached to the concept of what we love. 

I enjoy driving my E46 more than my E92, but I daily something from 2018. Pretty much in line with what you're saying. We all want to drive the older stuff but many people aren't dailying those things. I also think not having something like an older M3 as a daily, and instead as a weekend car, makes it more special. Same way that bringing a car out of storage feels in spring time. People can say whatever they want - the fact is everyone becomes numb to a certain degree to their routine. Cars are no different - if you drive a classic BMW every day, it doesn't feel as special. Intellectually you know what you're driving all the time, and as an enthusiast you are like "cool" and have some level of appreciation but it's not quite the same as leaving your modern daily for something special to you at the end of the week, or whatever.

This ^

10 hours ago, snap said:

I thought for sure id be 55 or older before I wanted a soft ride, low end power, spacious interior, taller ride height, easy to enter/exit, quiet etc.

but holy crap, it has hit in my early 30’s 

I now completely understand why floaty 70-series sidewall Cadillacs exist. 

But again, its about contrast. Too much of a soft cushy thing makes you yearn for the opposite thing

I bought an STS in my early 30's and drove Caddys for.....well, let me know if you want me to tell you how this plays out.  I don't want to spoil anything for you.

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13 hours ago, i_love_cars said:

if you drive a classic BMW every day, it doesn't feel as special.

i've been driving e30s for over a decade and when I drive mine I still grin like a fricken teenager who's just touched his first pair of boobs.

i wish my second car could also be an e30.

if you could snort e30s, I would.

long live e30s.

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My wife and I daily drove the e36 coupe with 3 car seats in it.  Am I a bad dad?  Now we are rocking a 200k mile 1st gen Sienna that I got for 500$, it's an XLE with a VHS player!  Until I get the swap van done anyway.

I daily my e36 and wouldn't pick anything else, although it would be nice to fix the door handle so I don't have to lean in the passenger door and open my door every time.  I have another handle I just have been busy.  It is more fun to drive than my 300HP Volvo. 

The Volvo is only an '05 and it is a manual transmission but it's drive by wire, and to counteract the laggy throttle response there is a sensor on the clutch pedal so that the ECU can smooth out clutch engagements.  The sensor goes bad and it gets jerky engaging the clutch because the ECU doesn't know when you are engaging the clutch.  Why is that necessary?  All because they switched to drive by wire to help meet CAFE standards by buffering your right foot input.  That's just one example.


It's not the technology that I dislike though, it's the disconnection and lack of "character".

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