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At the request of @YoungCR I am putting up information about my recent GREAT experience with a transport company. I always buy used cars from non-rust states so transport services are becoming more necessary. 

In full transparency, I went through a broker for this one but plan to go direct and save money next time. It cost me $1000 (most companies quote $1200) to ship a car from the Bay Area to Madison WI. Going direct I was told the price would come down to between $800 and $875. My driver, Alex, makes California <--> WI runs every week and I really appreciated that he was a fellow enthusiast, see Instagram

Their trucks appear to be newish and can support lowered cars w/o damage. The driver was professional, polite & kept me informed. I'm not 100% sure they have enclosed trailers but it's worth asking them. 

Contact Information:


2719 Seiler Dr
Naperville, IL 60565
MC Number: 895783
Phone: 847-378-8901
Email: gigiline.inc@gmail.com


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Los Angeles to Waukesha for my car was $500 but it took 4-5 weeks and the roof got beat to hell. 

Las Vegas to Milwaukee for my Infiniti was ~$775. coincidentally I'm pretty sure Alex/ GIGI was who I had used. I was pleased with them.

The biggest mistake you can make in your life is entering your phone number into a transport service  website for a quote. I had nearly non-stop emails, texts, and phone calls for the next 4 hours after, and a solid 5-10 per day for the next 3 weeks, mostly followups to people i hadnt responded to

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3 hours ago, straight6pwr said:

Just an update: I called this company to ship a car

They informed me there is no Alex.

Also, they only ship from California - through Denver - to Milwaukee, and also from Texas. But they don't have any trucks from the PNW.

Whatcha need from the PNW?

I've been working with a company to get my car out there, so I may be able to get a car back as well. 

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6 minutes ago, patsbimmer1 said:

Or... Hear me out... @straight6pwr picks up the car in Wisconsin and meets @GunMetalGreyin Montana (?) for a vehicle swap.  Bam I'm a genius.

both of us still end up driving the whole distance... and he would get the fun part of the drive twice, and I get shitty flat smelly minnesota and dakota twice.

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  1. I have recently had a hard time dealing w/Gigi just getting shipping setup so wont be using them again. 
  2. I contacted Alex via instagram after this post and found out he left and started his own transportation business. His details can be found below:

    Global Cargo Logistics
    instagram: alxwolf_m5

Good luck!

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On 10/21/2020 at 8:59 AM, Angie said:

This company is a scam artist. I shipped a car with them and they are the worst. They are rude obnoxious Russians and tried to shake me down for more cash at delivery. 

Dude I'm sorry to hear that. I had a good experience w/them but thats just a N of 1. 

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