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Rays Gram Lights 57DR 17x9 +22 5x114.3 with adapters

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I've decided to make my M3 functional so I'm looking to sell the Rays I just bought. I know not many people in here would be interested in these but I'll give it a shot. On a E36 they require flares and a solid amount of camber as the final offset is +7

Brand new basically, they were delivered to my door step in July from an importer. I paid $1304 for the wheels and over $300 for the adapters and lug nuts.

17x9 +22 Rays Gram Lights 57DR Gun Blue 

5x120-114.3 Ichiba adapters

Muteki SR48 Lug nuts in Titanium Black

Tires are 215/40r17s, I'd consider them junk due to all sorts of uneven wear but aren't close to showing wire at all.

Looking for $1000 for everything






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