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Newish M2 to MKE

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16 hours ago, mke_m2 said:

I would likely get a set of apex ec-7 wheels, 18” which are about $1,500 then a set of blizzaks are about $1,200ish. So $2,700 without mounting approximately. Sorry for my over estimate. 

But then again, I may just get a second car for the winter. Haven’t decided yet. 

Nevertheless, I don’t have to worry about that for some time and can enjoy the upcoming nice months.

Does anyone know about upcoming meets in Milwaukee or Chicago? 

If you want to have "nice" wheels like a set of new apex ec-7, then yeah it'll cost you. My point was that you can make this a much more realistic proposition by getting some used OE BMW wheels - and 18" blizzaks are more like $800-900 mounted and balanced. I've mounted multiple sets of 18" Blizzaks as recent as 2017, including my old 135i. Go to Big Bear Tire in oconomowoc. They will price you right. You shouldn't have to spend more than $1500 on a full setup that includes brand spankin new Blizzaks if you get used OE wheels.

Not trying to be a dick, but literally everything you've been saying are "wants", not "needs" and to me it looks like you're finding every way possible to keep blowing your money away, and I'd rather see you be able to say "I can drive my car when I want regardless of the fact that I live in Wisconsin". 

Or just buy a beater - which would be my preferred approach and honestly I agree with your logic right now because we're mid-March so there's 0 need to buy a beater car. You definitely have 7 solid months to plan for that. 

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I can appreciate not driving it in the winter. I don't drive my e30 in the winter, not because of resale value (If I cared I would've kept it stock), but because rusty bolts suck and eventually rot will kill a car. I plan to keep it forever so keeping it away from salt is important. If I have to put it away for 4 months out of the year, so be it. It gives me an opportunity to get all the work done that would otherwise cut into my summer driving too.


That being said, I do have a fun winter 'beater' that I am slowly sacrificing the the winter gods (I bought it pre-ruined though). A nice summer car and then something still fun that you don't mind driving in the salt is the perfect setup in my opinion



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