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Madison - E39 M5 - Thread

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43 minutes ago, B C said:

What pedals are those/where can I get some?!

love it!

Turner Motorsports but bought through ECS. Contact @patsbimmer1 to order ECS parts at a good price. 

My only piece of advice for the install is to make sure you have good sharp drill bits. I went and bought new ones near the end and it would have saved me at least 1 hour. #facepalm

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@B C I dont have a garage at home so two of the four cars are almost always in storage. I tend switch between the E39 M5 and an A6 depending on weather. The E30 vert only comes out for a couple days at a time because it doesn't have a working AC and is less safe that the other cars (I am usually the one who drops and picks up my two year old).  It also has an uncracked dash which I am hoping stays that way but it means keeping out of the sun. 

Once the E39 is fully sorted, suspension wise, I think I'll use it more heavily for DD duty. E39 currently has 103,000 miles!

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Its time for the next big project on the M5 due to a loose rear end which is likely caused by bad bushings given that some of them have 100k on them. 


  • Center support bearing
  • Drive axle minor refresh including guibo
  • Engine mounts
  • Transmission mounts
  • Differential bushings
  • Rear subframe bushings
  • Dinan rear sway bar
  • All rear control arms and integral links
  • Center exhaust hanger
  • Rear ball joints
  • Hawk HPS and 5.0 brake pads
  • High temp brake fluid
  • Oil change





Big thanks to @patsbimmer1for helping me source the parts and @jcw0101 for making it happen.

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