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A purists nightmare - E46 drift build

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My awesome girlfriend got me this HoldFast usa steering wheel that I've wanted for awhile.



I've also been wanting to get rear door panels back in the car, never really liked the fully stripped look and honestly never felt like dealing with it last summer lol. But with that being said I messed around and found the perfect way to fit the rear panels with my harness bar! 



was able to use a hole saw to create a round section on the bottom and then my badass new m12 milwaukee dremel to cut the straights 😁 These panels were the ones that came with the car so I did the same as the front panels. Removed the arm rests and used interior paint to make them black. Kinda hack... I'm aware. But I didnt want to cut into my pristine black panels I got with the M stuff. Plus since the fronts were sprayed black they will match better. I'll save the other black panels for when a cage is put in the car in the future sometime.



And since it was 40 degrees and January I decided to back her out of the garage to sweep up while I had the chance. 

I have mostly everything off the car as I am getting ready for the color change.



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Rolled the front fenders and rear quarters a bit, I never rolled them before and I wanted to get a little out of them. Not worth showing photos they are just rolled fenders lol.

But I got the rear panels put back together and installed. And I am hyped to have rear panels back in the car.




Also got a start on making a rear seat delete panel. Made up a good ole cardboard template.


Gotta pick up some plastic to cut out but that's it for now.

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Firmiliar sight here. Got pretty much everything disconnected to pull the engine and trans out. Planning to check things over along with replace the clutch. 



Found out I'll need to replace an axle as one of the boots is starting to seap grease. Also need a new driveshaft because the damn u-joint has some play in it. Wish these u-joints were serviceable 😑

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