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Well I have sold the Mazda and am back in the seat of a BMW, which was a well needed transition.
Not that it was ever posted about much here, but this was purchased from Mr. @ClassE himself!

This isn't the pinnacle of what I was looking for, but timing and pricing were a strong factor in the decision, so it ended up in my driveway!

2008 328i 
114k miles

It has a couple of quirks that I plan to take care of, as well as some minor modifications, but all around is proving to be an excellent vehicle!

To start with I needed to replace an angel eye bulb that was burnt out, and like most I don't prefer the yellow halogen look so I went with an LED option.
This proved to be a bit more work than expected as the fender liner needed to come out to access the cover that the bulb sits behind. 
Got one changed out then went to bed lol.

The pictures make the halogen bulb look white, and the LED look very blue. This isn't how it looks in person, and I am quite happy with the brightness and color of the cheapest bulbs I could find!








I also installed LED lights throughout the cabin as well as the trunk and under door lights, which wasn't needed but I prefer the color of them, so why not! 

I shall post more things as they happen, but will enjoy driving it in the mean time!
I am glad to have RWD back for the winter as well :)

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13 hours ago, patsbimmer1 said:

It's really not that bad.  Maybe a 30 min job.  Nice buy!  You're my slower more reliable twin!

I agree with this now, I did the first side after getting 2 hours of sleep so I was quite off my game. Doing the other side took about 30 min. 
Compared to the LCI ones it is quite a bit of work.

Now I am going to copy your build verbatim just to be your twin!

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11 minutes ago, patsbimmer1 said:

Looks good!  The beauty bar in the lower grill drove me nuts so I ended up replacing all of it with black plastic gutter mesh.  Did you paint the window trim yourself or did it come with the shadowline?

It came that way, which was nice. 
I don't mind the bars in the grill, but they sure do look better black. 

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Well it wasn't an April fools joke, but I have changed it up once again!
I sold my 328 to a friend and picked up the fastest n54 in the world (and Wisconsin!)




I already started playing....
Replaced the "carbon fiber" grills with some matte black units, and test fitted a bit of a lip splitter type deal. The lower lip add on hides the bottom edge of the bumper which has some missing paint. 


It's been fantastic to drive so far, and I look forward to more miles and more playing!

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Listen to father Pat. Father Pat knows best.....


With the impending snowpacalypse today I put the snows on last night. Chances are there will have been no need for this, but I slept better knowing that I would stand some chance at driving. Pat had put the summers on before I picked up the car, but questioned me when I asked for that. It was largely due to the fear of not fitting the summers in the car!

Exhaust leak is getting worse, seems to be coming from the connection where the down pipes meet the mid section of the exhaust. Ordering a gasket for that today.

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Oil changed at about 96,500 

Exhaust had a pretty wicked leak at the front, so I ordered new downpipe gaskets. I think I see where it was leaking....




Much quieter up front with those replaced, and the cabin doesn't reek like exhaust. It's the little things.

Front bumper lowers were pretty bad, and Jake ended up not putting these little extension guys on the 335 sedan before selling it, so I picked them up.
I think they do a good job of covering beaten up bumper edges, and they don't look too shabby. 


The paint on them is quite fresh, so it looks a little bit off in terms of paint match in the photo, but it is much less noticeable in person. 

Rear hitch receiver was delivered Friday, so it's time to make this thing a bike taxi. 

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So you’re the mysterious 335 buyer!? That’s awesome! So now this makes sense, that was me following you in the i3 the other day. I saw a silver e90 (with wheels that looked just like yours) and figured it was you in your 328, but then I saw it was a 335 and got all sorts of confused.

*delayed light bulb turning on over here [emoji362]

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