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2018 Z4

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Until today we had only really seen camo-covered test mules of the new Z4 which shares development with Toyota for their new Supra.



Ever since the Jaguar F-type came out I have been in love with it and wishing BMW would spice up their sports cars/roadsters a bit.
The new Z4 photos look promising. The car looks every bit as sexy as an F-type and then some. The humps behind the headrest are great and classic shark nose design lives on! if the tails looked a bit less like a 6 series Gran Coupe id be even happier. The Aventador-esque air inlets on the front are a bit much but I can live with them.









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2 hours ago, straight6pwr said:

...because the chicks were like "pose with a miata? meh."


I haven't done any first-hand research, but based on what I've seen heard about on the internet, you can get chicks to do pretty much anything for a few hundred bucks. Definitely less than a grand.... wait... What were we talking about?

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The kidney grilles have been a point of contention with me.  Honestly, I'm glad to see the headlights don't touch them......that is a win to me.

If you look, the new mercs have been getting much larger logo's/grilles as well.  It stems from the European DOT (whatever it's called) making stricter rules for pedestrian impacts with cars.  They don't want the people laid out on the hood, or getting plowed over (going under the car.  The only way to combat that is to make a larger vertical surface at the nose of the car.....thus larger kidneys/grilles.

Not a fan, but I get what they are forced to do.  Again, so glad the headlights don't touch the grille, I hope BMW goes away from that as a whole, as it really took away from the kidney look.

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