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Hello everyone! My name is Troy and i just bought my first bimmer. I live in Kewaskum Wi and have a few friends that have been into BMWs for quite some time. I personally am coming from the honda scene, I had my 95 hatch for 7 years and I just recently partially parted out that car to take on this e46 drift car build. I purchased this 2001 330i which has been already partially modded for drifting, but we already have plans in the work to build on this original purchase. The car actually had a bad engine when i bought it which the owner did not figure out, long story short from my brief research I know that the m54s have oiling issues and this one decided it had enough with 188xxx on the clock and ate a cam (the intake cam on cyl 4, 5 and 6 was completely dry and full of aluminum shavings) along with cracking 2 of the cam caps. So that being said the car is on stands getting the engine pulled. I was able to pick up another m54b30 with 116k on it and that will be getting a few gaskets and then be thrown in for the remainder of the summer. Im super excited to tr something new after being in the honda scene for 7 years. Im sure I will have some questions along the way but regardless I am excited.


I attached some photos of the civic that I was building for 7 years and recently made into a rolling shell along with a few photos of the e46 i picked up. Hoping to make a build thread to keep track of the progress as well!









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5 minutes ago, Snap said:

Welcome race fan!


Protip: if the crank out of the old m54b30
is in good condition you can probably sell it fairly easily for $250-300


Thanks for the tip! was planning to do some investigating once the car is back up and running. Im pretty good friends with Earl (i believe thats his user name here) and we were talking about the bottom end being worth more than a paper weight possibly depending on what it looks like once we open it up haha

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6 hours ago, Earl said:

That's a hilarious video. A must see for all guys


Hi Troy🖐

Hey Earl 🤘



10 hours ago, HipMF said:


All I know is that I don't want to get to low on The "HOT" scale, because that's a "NO GO".

And I can't believe anyone saw that haha. It's the hot crazy matrix, just type it in on YouTube for a good laugh!

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1 hour ago, Jdesign said:

Welcome!! Your Honda looks like it was very clean and very familiar. I have had a few Hondas in my day so Im sure I have seen you at one point or another. 

Thanks! And the e30 in your photo definatly looks familiar but I'm not sure from where

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