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1991 325i Turbo $5500

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On 5/12/2017 at 7:37 PM, Snap said:

As of this morning I had someone planning to come see the car Saturday morning and another on Sunday afternoon with another very serious out of state inquiry who was looking into shipping options. My wife understands my passion for my car and has gone from silently wishing I had a different hobby to encouraging me to keep it because it brings me joy. She has been telling me to take the ad down and keep the car for a few days now and now you suckers had to go and crowdfund a recovery! Way to go screwing up my birdwatching hobby, guys!

Your friendship, encouragement, criticism, and contributions to the cause are appreciated more than you know. I have pulled my ad from Cragislist, Panjo/R3Vlimited and have told the interested parties the car is no longer for sale. I was never in love with the idea of getting rid of this piece of metal that ive bonded with but I have the support from to make me feel good about keeping the dream going.

You guys are awesome, Thank you! 

Good To hear!!

On 5/12/2017 at 8:31 AM, Snap said:

What car did you buy?

Only trades accepted would be a Cruze LT, Cruze Eco plus some Hatchimals, or an LTZ package with cash on my end.

A  Lotus Exige.

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I have a lot of gratitude for you guys.

Most are aware of this thread and my decision to sell the car last year. Plans were foiled by you generous bastards who began sending donations for me to keep the car. @andyhundley was the mastermind behind the plan to foil my sale  and was the first of many people to send donations via Paypal to help fund the resurrection of a dream.

Thanks Andy for your friendship and your crazy plan that has kept me in the game!

Thanks @KaiserRolls for your donation and for being my Oprah for all things 24V. Your knowledge, experience, and opinions have been very helpful and if my car sucks I get to blame you most.

Thanks @m42b32 for your donation and for finding the M52 that I bought! 

Thanks @Jdesign for your donation and for being so engaged and interested in my project.

Thanks @inazupra for your donation. No thanks for keeping Mitch busy with miata stuff instead of E30 stuff 😛 

Thanks @straight6pwr for your donation, for talking to me about swap things and heping me make decisions early on

Thanks @suspenceful for your donation and for not participating in secret santa last year so we could send you white E92 RC cars anyway

Thanks @johnprusinski for your donation, hopefully I can help you out on you out with your projects again sometime soon.

Thanks @ClassE for your donation, come back, we miss you!

Thanks @Boris3 for your donation. I think you were one of the first people I conversed with about my options and you were one of many voices of reason.

Thanks @DrLeadFoot for giving me access to your 24V parts stash and selling me parts for cheap to help me get started. A part of your car lives on through mine!

Thanks @Bassboy3313 for your donation, for helping me out so much with welding, for helping with the engine install, and everything else. Its all very much appreciated!

Thanks @patsbimmer1 for helping me out with good deals through your ECS account. It means a lot!

Thanks @GunMetalGrey for all your 24V expertise and helping me sort out some of the good info from the bad. Your knowledge has helped a lot! You are like my 24V Dr. Phil

Thanks @YoungCR for your donation, for hosting this site and carrying the torch that Alex started so many years ago. WIBIMMERS is part of the reason that I started loving living in Wisconsin. I have made so many great friends because of our local car community and you guys are all awesome. I always enjoy getting together at meets and being around everyone. It was great friends that came together to keep this car alive and this dream alive.

And a final thanks to my wife for surprising me with support and encouragement to keep the car. Its just a stupid car, but its something that has brought a lot of joy in the past and will now continue to do so in the future.

You guys are awesome and im glad to be a part of this community!













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We do have a good community here. I know I likely wouldn't be nearly as into BMWs if it weren't for WIBimmers. The people who drive these cars outside of our group are not who I would want to associate with, typically. 

Snapsby I'm coming by once you finish your exhaust so we can go on a mini-cruise, salt be damned! 

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