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BMW's new "art" car

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BMW released pictures of their new art car... I like to think I'm somewhat cultured.  I go to musicals, I visit museums, I've been to art exhibits, etc.  This car, I don't get it.  It's not art.  It's fucking stupid.  Plenty of other art cars actually look like art and evoke thought and emotion.  This looks like some kid designed it on Forza.


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7 minutes ago, KaiserRolls said:

"His familiar use of dots and primary colors" what the fuck. "His use of text on the side of the body says it all" "FAST"

A picture of the car on the car is dumb. The picture of the car should also have a picture of the car on it.

Dudes I've made cooler looking liveries in forza, 12 shitty beers deep.

"But it's art"

You have abnormally good Forza livery skillz though=P Time to bust out our 360's and hop on Forza 4 again haha

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this is dumb. it gives art a bad name. did they do this because its 'controversial' to do such bad art? If so, then even dumber. 

their marketing department, which is clearly designing their regular cars, must have their hands in this.

From the article:




Have you ever customized a car before?

It’s my first time.


Clearly. Hopefully, your last too.




What was it like to design this car?

It was a challenge. I’ve never designed anything three-dimensional. Working on it from all different directions, I was happy with how it came out.


A challenge, are you frickin kidding me? This took like 3 hours right? Three-dimensional? You still haven't design something 3D, you painted a circle and a square and some text on some flat surfaces.

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Typically I feel like BMW's marketing is fairly clever or represents the brand well.  I mean, it doesn't make me want to murder kittens like GM's current line of commercials for Chevy and Buick.  This, this just misses the point so hard.  This quote from Baldessari just kills me.

What do you imagine it will look like on the race track?

I hope it looks good. I put this red dot on top because I had this idea that there would be a helicopter shot going down so it can be identified.

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I just read through the interview. It was horrible. It would be like interviewing me about a surgical procedure "they put something in the guy, took another thing out and got a napkin"

Wanting to see the talent of Baldessari in his preferred mediums sent me to google images.


It appears his "thing" is dots of primary colors. This explains a lot.

Im sure some observers could stare for hours analyzing the beauty and genius of a few dots. I just have a problem with Art that can be done in a matter of minutes.

Simple can still be awesome


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