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Hello. My name is Dan, and today I shadowlined

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she's home! (and so it begins.)

2000+ miles in 2.5 days.

the previous owner was a piece of work, and after seeing how poorly this car was taken care of, i'm a little surprised it made it all the way home without a hitch. (well... a hubcap, a side marker, and some window trim managed to jettison along the way.)

i know you are wondering, why the hell would he drive 2000 miles to bring home an e30? hint: along the way home when I received my room key at a Holiday Inn Express and it was room 330, i had a good chuckle.

more later, its been a long day.


here's the first picture of the car right before leaving west seattle.




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ha, thanks guys.

the 'deal' was OK. i will admit paid more than what I should have, but it checked all the important boxes of what I wanted, and it was the first car after looking for 5 months that did so I jumped on it.

I didn't spend any time in seattle - there was some 'storm of the century' or something on its way so I got the hell out. I've been there a few times (and loved it) so I didn't feel like I needed to stay in the pouring rain.

here are the points why i bothered with the long trip -  s50 / coilovers / alpinweiss / late model / coupe




and the trip...america is fuckin beautiful. well besides southern Minnesota, that's just stanky. Biggest take-away from the trip - Montana is amazing.

there is no particular order to these, but there are photos from  Washington, Montana, Idaho, and South Dakota.



















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I'd love to do a cross country trip in a car I love. Last time I did was in my van and in a gold mk3 jetta.....

What trans and diff combo does it have? Any power adders? Hows the handling/it must feel a bit different after piloting the touring for the last few years amirite?

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has the zf310 w/2.93LSD - perfect combo. I had the zf310 w/3.25LSD in my m50 car, and it was great for that extra acceleration, but highway rpms were a bit much.

no power adders. exhaust is nice stainless headers + no cats, so it flows well but is way too loud.  engine fan and ac deleted which helps free a couple ponies.

handles like a dream even on 185 snow tires, but didn't go too crazy as I just wanted to make it home in one piece. has a z3 steering rack w/power steering as well.



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thanks guys, can't wait to have it driving around.  it needs a couple things before I will be comfortable on Milwaukee streets (skid plate, quieter exhaust) but hopefully that can happen before snow hits.

the coilovers are BC. 6k/8k. it rides nice, but I need to tinker with heights, dampening, and I think it needs some shorter springs or better arrangement of all the strut components for better tire clearance (some rubbing presently with stock wheels/tires).


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parts starting to roll in, and found a parts car on craigslist with a nice seller who pulled some of the small bits for me.

brand new BMW front valance, can't believe the cheap price on these things ($200)



some of the random crap - most of this is actually completely missing on my car


oh, and in case you ever have the urge, yes an e30 hood will fit entirely inside the back of an e34 touring. 

also scored a non-damaged alpine rear bumper (seen barely here)


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