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17 minutes ago, straight6pwr said:

as a new turbo owner and a turbo noob i'm curious, can you explain this more? it doesnt look like the valve stem is actually between where boost pressure originates and the wastegate dump. it looks like if the valve stem was letting boost past, it would get into one of the ports or past the 'lower O-ring' in that diagram.


What they have labeled as the "Decrease" port is the pressure reference, and is put on the "open" side of the wastegate diaphragm. 
The bottom side of that diaphragm also houses the stem seal for the wastegate valve itself.
This leak is actually a "regulated" percentage of boost (10% usually) as the design inherently leaks.

I do believe mine is leaking significantly more than the one in this video, but with an undecided fate I cannot justify the $230 for a name brand gate

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20 hours ago, HipMF said:

Realistically though, a nice square body would be more practical for doing actual truck things. They exist here, but are either made of rust or gold.


That makes me miss my old 1st gen Ram :(


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On 2/26/2020 at 7:34 AM, straight6pwr said:

whats the reason you wont let the project go? rarity/cool factor? sheer will "I'm gonna finish this thing"?  attachment to the car?

I have been looking at buying an E92 M3 the past few months, and was working on figuring out how to make it happen. 
One night I was working on making a wiring harness for the front bumper on the diesel, and realized that's what I like about cars, making things, hacking things apart, and just general tomfoolery. Buying an M3 will not satisfy those desires at all, as anything other than bolt on modifications tank value (and that costs a bit more than I care to lose resale on).
There is also the cool factor. An M3 will be just like everyone else's, which just doesn't feel like a viable replacement for me at this time. 
I do also struggle to give up on things lol. Especially considering it is running right now and in theory I could not touch it and drive it daily. 

On 2/26/2020 at 7:10 AM, Jdesign said:

Do this. (Buy all other M21 parts, some E30 specific)



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Well it's the end of this story.
A guy messaged me a few times on facebook, said when he would be there, 3 russian dudes rolled up (none of them were the guy I was talking to) and the guys looked it over, chatted with the other guy on the phone (in South Carolina at the time) and got my agreed upon price and they left. 
From what I gather a couple of the guys recently started up a diesel BMW shop about 2 hours south of me, so this was an interesting car for them. 

It was amusing when I started it up because they all grabbed their phones and started chuckling and taking videos, and thoroughly enjoyed the drive we went on. 

I was slightly sad to see it go, but it really has been a pain lately and wasn't seeing the use it deserved, so it's better it went elsewhere. 

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On 4/26/2020 at 6:20 PM, GunMetalGrey said:

It was certainly a learning experience! 
I may play with an M21 in the future, but I will be able to do it so much better with all that is known! Also, it will not be in a lifted car lol.

Maybe a Vixen 21 TD or a Bertone Freeclimber??!?!

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