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2016 Clothing Order

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WI Bimmers Store - Apparel

Alrighty Boys & Girls its time for another clothing order, same shirts and hoodies as last time around. I kept the same color options too but you can also choose any color offered from American Apparel by visiting the link on each product page. Please choose other as the color and then type your chosen color in the text box. Now is a great time to also buy stickers!

The pre-order will be up for 2 weeks ending on Sunday May 1st at 8PM. Once the order is in it will take 2-3 weeks for the clothing items to be shipped from California and printed here in Madison. Guaranteed delivery by May 21st at the latest but I will of course update once I submit the order. 


Just a heads up shipping via UPS with multiple items seems to get pricy, not much I can do about that though as it's not calculated by me. USPS is more flat rate and cheaper in general. 

If you choose one of the Madison or Milwaukee LOCAL pickup options, you will have to arrange pickup through me via PM or chris@wibimmers.com


I will only be processing orders through the web store, its easier to keep track, so a paypal account will be required to purchase.

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Extended the order by a day since its on a weekend anyways. Spoke with the printer and I can guarantee delivery by May 21st on clothing.


Anybody interested in Baseball, Beanie or Trucker hats? Probably would be $18-20. The best way to get a logo on a beanie would be to get patches made which could also be sold separately for applying to shop jackets, back packs or whatever. Minimum on the patches is 100 though so that's why I'm seeking out interest. I'll post up some hat options when I'm home tonight.

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5 hours ago, Bassboy3313 said:

I'd be interested in a baseball hat if it's the fitted type (no adjustment snaps or anything)

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Fitted would be my choice too. Mesh back or standard? The company recommended the flex fit brand. Maybe these?






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1 hour ago, KaiserRolls said:

Why does the link take me to Alex's post

Don't play with my emotions Chris

Both the banner link and the link in the post work for me, or you can do it the old fashioned way and navigate to the store yourself.

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2 hours ago, i_love_cars said:

i'd buy a fitted baseball cap for sure. 

Chris, are you going to send out invoices manually or something? I put my cart together and went to checkout but there's no payment option much less anything that goes to PayPal. 

Fixed, you can go to your client area to view your order and hit pay now to go to paypal. Just had a successful order from someone else. 

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