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Google Street View Challenge

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This is a scavenger hunt of sorts. Your task is to find an E34 on google street view. It can be any country, any color, just needs to be an E34 you find on Google Street View.  Post a screenshot or link (preferably both). First one to find it decides what to find next (LSB M3, ghetto looking BMW, BMW with visible rust, BMW parked the wrong direction, BMW with the top down, BMW within a certain city or state  etc etc etc). It can be your own car if it fits the criteria and its on Street View  (aerial images dont count, a Lada looks the same as an M3 from that vantage point) You can feel free to make choices non-BMW related, but I think there are probably plenty of variations of things to find when you lock yourself down to one near and dear manufacturer. 


If you do decide to lock the game down to a certain region/area, check to make sure street view is available there (it isnt available for the Nurburgring for example)








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oh also, i win, you sons of bitches   https://www.google.com/maps/@28.0861187,-80.6070898,2a,75y,52.56h,121.16t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s08akO0ObJOsAAAQYk4FULg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656  

I was working towards the tip, I started at the opposite end which I circled to show you.

IVE DONE IT although you cannot see the white vehicle or silver convertible clearly, if you change the position and/or date both forwards and backwards, you can confirm that the white car is inde

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28 minutes ago, Snap said:

idk how you found those so fast. I took the mini dealer route starting in cali but couldnt get to any back lots.

here was my path: mini dealers in milwaukee, chicago, los angeles than gave up on dealerships. then to the mini plant, which was was in oxford which reminded me i should probably look in london, 3 dealerships later had the mini in the window!

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Boom! While searching for this I also found an old dodge viper and the new miata with its turn signal on.

How about a bmw on a tow truck


Im not seeing turn signals. Judges?

I found one with side marker for confirmation8b0da0457aa70a31c8f29c18d43d9046.jpg


Someone make the decision on whether M42 gets the win on this one or not

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Damn!! I've been wandering the virtual streets of Munich for like 2 hours with no luck. 

I did see an e30 touring, a couple e30 verts, an e36 touring, and a million 318ti's so it wasn't necessarily time wasted...


Edit: I should add I wasn't doing just this for 2 hours, but... I should also say I really want to go back to Munich now

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