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I'm glad to see you made the new bed for the router, I recall talk of that while it was at the shop. I'm also stoked that you've got potential to end up in the engineering dept, as you've certainly got the knowledge and thought process for it! 

Your thread title made me a bit sad this morning, I miss hanging out at the shop and "working" (drinking beer, blowing shit up, and setting things on fire counts right?) On things over the weekend.

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Plot twist: We "bought out" a small engineering firm, and now have a new engineering manager and 3 new engineers. This probably sounds like it would hurt my chances of getting a job, but I'm not too worried. I think I've gotten my message across to my boss and HR, and they'll be helping me get over there.

Half of my machine programming responsibilities I've already off-loaded onto a guy we hired a couple months ago. We're also hiring another guy that wants to take over the the rest of the machine programming and maintenance that I'm currently doing. After that the only thing left on my plate (asside from keeping tabs on those two guy to make sure they're not blowing things up or starting them on fire), will be building fixtures, so I'll have plenty of time on my hands to take on some more interesting things.

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