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My name is Earl, and I have a Stainless Steel bolt fetish =)


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I never used the handbrake previously. Then I parked my Volvo in a "Menard's" parking lot of all places (my last name is Menard) and as I walked to the door I heard a crash behind me and turned around to see it not where I left it. Super disappointing. Now I will add air ride so I can lay frame while parking to avoid such mishaps.

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When I was 16 I took my dads 2001 F150 out for a drive because I wanted to practice driving stick.  When I brought it back I put it in the driveway and put it in gear but forgot the parking brake.  At some point later I walked past a window and saw my dad's truck had rolled out of the driveway, into the road and across the street and hit a curb and stopped.  Thankfully my dad didn't see it and I was able to get it back in the driveway and park it properly.

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Not really anything to update for the most part. Some undercoat was removed last December-roughly February of this year. I assembled my passenger front seat for the last time the other day so now both seats have restored bases. 


The only big news is that there is about to be a severe lack of wrinkle black...

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9 hours ago, Earl said:

I assembled my passenger front seat for the last time the other day

Ha!  'For the last time'  Sure....

You do realize we've all been paying attention.  In a week, or month we'll see a new update something like this:

'So, I thought I was done with the passenger seat when I assembled it last time.  When I was in there, I noticed a pan head screw that looked just.....well, wrong.  So, in my free time between picking out Ascots and dinner flatware I researched which screws BMW really used inside the seat, you see, this screw was unique to the passenger seat in 318ti's and varied by VIN number so it wasn't something I could just get anywhere.  After extensive research and some rough translated phone calls to retired BMW assembly workers (time difference was tough to schedule calls) I found out that the screw in my seat was not factory!  The photo evidence just couldn't be denied!  I was disgusted, and couldn't sleep.  The next morning I called the dealer to order.  They said I couldn't order it......I explained who I was and what I was doing and they said they still could't get it for me.  Now what? I wasn't finished.  I decided to take the screw I had (the dirty non-factory one) and the pictures of the actual screw I had collected from my new german friends and drew up a schematic to have one made.  I had a local machine shop turn it for me, took it to the heat treating place we use at work to get it hardened to the proper spec, then sent it off to the zinc plater for the proper gold coloring.   After all this, I re-assembled the seat for the last time....again.....I think......and finally got a good nights sleep.'

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