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BMW v8 engine coffee table project

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so, i tried a few techniques and the best turned out to be rolling the clay into same-sized balls (ha) and then pressing them individually into place. it was the only way that really worked with the fact that it was a T weld on a curved surface. i also tried to leave the edges over-exaggerated in case shrinking or paint layers hides it later on.

air dry clay



pressing the pieces into place one at a time


some finished tubes



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the clay requires a water-based paint to seal it, and the Spaz stix chrome final coat requires a black based undercoat, so two birds with one stone:

couldnt find any water-based spray paints at the hardware store, so had to go to an art supply shop for the paint 'Liquitex' was on sale.



just waiting for it to dry before chrome finish.



just another random parts shot



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I started following this thread somewhere around the beginning and what I saw was incredible. BUT.... for some reason the pictures are no longer available on my work browser (stupid internet regulations) and now every time I notice a new update I die a little inside knowing I can't see. 

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intake manifold done.

throttle body and pcv installed with new hardware





injectors painted blue for a little color.  the studs/nuts above them are the inside mount for the glass piece to rest on, made from all m60 parts.

hopefully it will look good once all together, but i can always change it.


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