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BMW v8 engine coffee table project

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updates! if you are allergic to cats, leave now.

Before I finish the block (polishing and painting) I wanted to figure out the feet. The block could be left alone and just set on the floor, but this will help with moving the table and not scratching nice floors.

Here are the front feet. used the oil pan bolt holes, a nut/washer and bolt and some rubber table feet. height adjustable for leveling!

Here is our cat inspecting the feet that I just installed to make sure they are up to code. (this actually happens in a lot of photos, those who have cats know what Im talking about)

I decided to use casters as the back feet to ease in moving the table around. I used some 1 1/8" square aluminum tube, medium duty non-marking fixed casters, and plastic end caps.

Installed with m10 bolts

Here is the the gap achieved. Will work unless you have 70s shag carpet.

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so i really wanted to make a set of shorty headers, but after some research and experimentation, it just cant happen. so what i decided to do was emulate the style of this honda indy display motor, and just have short outlets.



so i'm making the flanges out of oak, and the tubes out of aluminum tubing. once together, i will spray paint them with some sort of metal-look finish.

here are the flanges being cut out:


on the drill press


flange in place, measurements were correct!


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No worries.

They are getting scrapped so I figured I would offer.

I was thinking you may be able to use the flanges and weld a similar pipe onto them.

I believe they are dual walled for heat transfer or something?

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more work done on headers:

finished the flanges



wood filler used to get the grain/imperfections hidden before painting. before on top, after on bottom.



to cut the tubes, I don't have a miter saw, or a table saw, or a band saw, so i made a little jig for my circular. fyi, diablo circular saw blades are the shit. i've been cutting soft woods, hard woods, and aluminum on the same blade for YEARS and its still sharp.



rough cut done


tubes filed, fitting and glued into the flanges. all that's left is to make some 'simulated' welds and then paint.



also started on the injectors. they were a bit crusty, and i want to use them to bring a little color to the whole motor, so they will be painted BMW blue.




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8 minutes ago, Snap said:

In for "simulated welds" im envisioning some sort of putty molded into the gap

yup, been experimenting with what material will work best. and studying 'weld porn'. silicon sealant is too sticky for shaping. wood filler/wall putty is too gritty. going to modeling clay next.

don't think I'll get quite this perfection, but its what I'm shooting for, if possible:




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