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This Month's Photo - General rules and specifications

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This Month's Photo is a photo competition open to any member of WI BIMMERS. (And, since membership is open to the general public, This Month's Photo is open to anyone once he/she becomes a forum member.)


The competition is (currently) run on a monthly basis: photo submission is open for during the first week of the month and the second week of the month will be dedicated for voting in a contest. At the end of the year, all the monthly winners will be re-entered into another poll for the grand prize winner.


Any registered user (and not banned) of the forum may post photos.

  • Photos may be posted via any allowable photo-posting method. These include attachment, in-line img, or posting a link to an off-Forum page. Photo size should generally be limited to 800px maximum in any direction. Photos on an off-Forum page may be larger. All photos that exceed the 800px limit will be resized for the voting topic. Photos will also be accepted through facebook comments/messages or email submissions to admin@wibimmers.com.

  • Photos should be either an old photo that has recently been dug out of your "archives" or "unprocessed" photos, or a very recent photo.

  • Photos are not restricted to BMW-themed photos, to encourage maximum participation! Anything BMW/Automotive/Wisconsin are the broad categories. (However, other general Forum rules do apply...)

  • Each member will only have one submission per monthly photo contest. If a member submits multiple photos without a clear selection, the submission will be chosen for them during poll creation.

  • If you're posting a photo that you don't want entered in the poll, please consider posting it in another section, unless it directly relates to the other photo(s) that you have posted. Also refer to the "pick" above.


After the first week, the photo submission topic will be closed. As soon as the topic is closed, the moderator will begin working on the photo poll topic, which will review the previous week's picks and offer a poll in which to vote for a favorite photo. (Note that this is "favorite photo", not "best photo", so feel free to introduce and explain your own criteria.)


Photo voting will be set at 7 Days, and a winner (and/or at least Top 3) declared after the poll closes.


Winner of the photo poll will receive a small prize from the WI BIMMERS store valued at less than $5 (such as stickers and business cards). A grand prize for the yearly winner will be determined at the time. 


Winning images may be used by the WI BIMMERS staff for later photo polls, and/or inclusion in a periodical photo album and facebook page.


Any questions? Hopefully I've got everything covered, but ask if anything is somewhat less-than-clear...

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chris, my suggestion would be to tighten up the rules a bit, its is very open ended. i've participated/voted in a bunch of photo threads, and allowing people to post as many photos as they want with no theme what so ever from selections of old photos and new photos is

1)a nightmare for the moderator. (imagine 20 people post 10 photos and you have to put those all in a poll)

2)not inspiring much creativity, and anyone could simply dig through their pile of old photos and post something without ever going and taking a photo that month

3)hard for people to vote for, as you'll get photos of cars, photos of flowers, photos of hipsters drinking pbr, etc all in the same month


i'd suggest limiting the photos submitted to 1 per person, putting a broad theme on each month (allows some creative interpretation still), and highly encouraging new photos be taken.

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i'd suggest limiting the photos submitted to 1 per person, putting a broad theme on each month (allows some creative interpretation still), and highly encouraging new photos be taken.


See the second to last bullet point, sorry If that wasn't clear enough. I agree we should also have a theme for each month. Let me know what ideas you have, I'll search around for some today. 

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I think people want to participate, but it is so difficult to have a camera.  Quality cameras are outside the financial reach of most, and even if one can afford one, they are often bulky and difficult to take 'on site'  Then there is the problems with lighting and weather.  If you manage to sort through all that, there is developing costs.  Since it is rare these days to find a place that will develop photo tins, you usually must build a dark lab with chemicals and drying racks.


So, as you can see, I think the lack of participation is from lack of being able to participate.

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