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Jake's Epic BMW 135i Build Thread! (5+ Years of Ownership)


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13 hours ago, KaiserRolls said:

One hand on the wheel sketches me out 

It's not as bad as you might think. There are much faster cars that go down the strip with only 1 hand on the wheel. Having to shift every 2 seconds makes the transition annoying. However, after 140mph, 2 hands is a must :)

12 hours ago, B C said:

Drop a few psi on the rear tires and flip the air cleaner cover upside down on a jb4 335i (map9) and you could probably hit those speeds.

just sayin.


That is a neat hood. love the updates Jake 👍🏼

Lol. Thanks Brian!

11 hours ago, YoungCR said:

Can’t wait for the details 

I filmed so much, just have to edit, upload and write some content!

10 hours ago, patsbimmer1 said:

Quite a bulge you have there.  On the hood.

Took some getting used to. I'm not used to looking down and seeing such a large bulge.

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  • 8 months later...

If you haven't already noticed, YouTube and Instagram are where I post most of my content. If you aren't already subscribed/following there, you're missing out ;)

That being said, I have exciting news I want to share! I know Brian already posted a thread congratulating me, but it makes sense to share it here too.

First pass on 20psi ran an 11.29 @ 128mph with a 1.94 60ft.
Second pass on 25psi ran a 10.53 @ 137mph with a 1.73 60ft.
Third pass on 28psi ran a 10.36 @ 134mph with a 1.59 60ft.

Log: https://datazap.me/u/suspenceful/1036-13409mph?log=0&data=1-3-4-11-25-26-27-28-29

I actually set a record on my 3rd pass with the 10.36 ET! Currently the fastest manual trans N5X BMW with stock chassis. Ghassan Automotive went 9.6 but they have a custom back-halfed chassis.

I think I can run 9's as I was misfiring during my 10.36 pass, watch the video!








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  • 1 year later...

I've had a few people reach out to me asking to check back into WIBimmers... and I realized it's been way too long since I've updated this thread. So much has happened since my last update a year and a half ago.

My Instagram and YouTube channel are where I post most of my content. Be sure to follow/subscribe if you're interested in keeping up with my BMW builds!

I'm currently in talks with Billiam Mason (BMB Autowerks) about a built engine. The 135i engine is finally ticking/knocking internally after all of the 750+whp abuse. My goal is to get something that can handle 900whp and maaaaaybe throw a bigger turbo on it. He recommended a 6875 Gen 2.

Here are a few pictures/videos to enjoy.









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