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Great article on the car scene today

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I'd have to think that some of the attitudes mentioned in the article come about from the following scenario:

A guy with a lot of ingenuity and skills but not a lot of money, will work hard building up a relatively modest car over many years and will eventually polish that turd to become a highly capable performance vehicle or just a nicely styled clean and unique car.

Then this dicknose shows up and steals the show with something he or his parents bought.



Its not a perfect explanation as having money means you can build the nicest piece of crap ever, but it is the root of the phrase 

"Built, not bought"

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I can agree with that sentiment but I can't discriminate because someone happens to be more fortunate than others and can possibly afford a nicer car.  Hell, if I was fortunate enough to afford an *insert expensive car here* you can bet that I would!  

I think a lot of this elitism that they talk about stems from a culture that has no empathy.  If somebody can't afford nice wheels they are automatically chastised.  If you buy off-brand parts you are ridiculed.  If you make the most of your base model instead of buying the top trim your not accepted.  Now, I don't see this as much at meets or in person but these keyboard warriors that constantly bring everyone down are a huge problem and typically they have nothing to back up their beliefs.  Whether it's a $100,000 car or a $1,000 car everyone should be treated with respect for the passion we all share.  The guy with "fake" wheels deserves the same respect as the guy with $1,000 wheels.  

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