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Official-look-what-i-found-thread (craigslist, other-forums, etc)

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To continue shark week.  I did most of the work on this car.  Should be a good auction.  https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1979-bmw-633csi-3/



I would drive it across the country, everything that is crusty from age like fuel hoses, brake hoses, cooling system is all brand new.  And the engine was rebuilt less removing the rotating assembly so no oil leaks and perfect running.  The head is a later euro head with the more durable design of the cooling jacket.  The original one was cracked.

All of the modifications were done when it was new, the Alpina build sheet shows the options.  Pretty rare piece and I am excited to see what it goes for.

  @YoungCR  do you remember what that euro car was that the cylinder head came from?  I though Ben Finley got it from you.  It needed a euro head because of the L-jet distributor is different than the later style M30 distributor.

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On 10/24/2020 at 1:57 PM, Rekpoint said:

Was that car repainted? Door jams, Engine bay etc are black.

Edit. Car was resprayed. It was in an accident 15 years ago but has a clean wisconsin title.

Here is the vin. WBSCM9337XLC60945


Did't figure it would last long.

Laguna Seca Blue wasn't available on the clown shue till '01 in S54 cars and those are through the stratosphere since they only made 41 of them.

In Cosmos Schwartz its one of ~500 S52's, not pedestrian in its own right.  all the cool factor for half the price.

edit: even less then Half the price since EAG just paid $75k for a real LSB shue. wow.

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