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Guys!!!  Real Estate has been crazy leading to passing out after work/family time and not checking in here.

I just sent an email to CATuned and asked them for axels.  They showed up relatively quickly. I think I stretched my driver side diff flange bolts due to  a bunch of grease in the new axle.  Only got one to click at 74 ft/lbs.  Wiped the grease off the passenger side once I pushed the bolts through the axle and all torqued perfectly.  I got 2 Catuned axles for the record.

For the brakes I took out the bias valve and popped in a (I think) 88 rabbit master cylinder. Couldn't get the pedal to feel right.  Looked closer to find out that the MC was leaking out the back/firewall side.  SECOND VW MC that did this to me.  Popped in the stock e30 one and pedal felt great.  I have another 21MM VW MC that I'll try but if that doesn't work I'll go aftermarket. 

That's my touring! I have a huge amount of pics and details on that one.  I was blowing Hallway Pat up for parts for about 3 months.  Ughhh.


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On 11/12/2018 at 5:47 PM, Jdesign said:

Lovely. Wheres the thread on that gem?

Working on it.  Close to getting it done but mainly waiting on specialized plates to come and then it will be thread-worthy!

E30: Recieved Gargastic diff reinforcement, 2nd diff mount and rear trailing arm reinforcements.  The off season fun begins! 

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