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Official Sticker Order Thread

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I'm hoping to have a web-store setup soon to make these transaction easier but for now we will have to do it the old fashioned way! Send me a PM or respond to this thread with colors/quantity you want. Cost is $1.50 per sticker and does not include shipping. Local pick-up is available through Zach and I.

Sky Blue
Silver Metallic

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Where do you and Zach live? Wondering if local pick up is reasonable..

Well I'm in Milwaukee and he is in Colgate which is like Germantown/Menomonee Falls. You could also stop by Concours BMW any day and pick stickers up from us while we're at work.

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Rowley.. You know you live in the middle of no where. Why do you even bother??!?! LOL<3

I'd totally snag one. but I'm trying to get away from the sticker thing. I'd take one for the table. But we already got one on there too. They look fantastic though! :D

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so...whats the shipping cost of one of these bad boys?

by the way brian i love your new sig...as always lol

Thanks Tony! :3 I try an keep my sig humorous. I got sick of the old photo of the E28, I don't even run those rims right now. They're underneath my bed!

Chris, I'll take a Gold and white one.

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