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chit chat thread

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Took the hot rod out for a spin today while the 335xi is at the shop.

100% same page. bright side is getting home projects done that i thought were 10+ years down the line when this shit is over, open bar at my place!      

If my count is correct, it was over 10 years ago that I sold my previous e30 to @visian , so it was time to pick up another.    It’s a 1987 325i 5 speed in schwarz over cardinal. My friend’s pa

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On 4/25/2021 at 1:25 PM, P_Roloff said:

Man, I hope not. Would be a crappy start to ski season.

In all seriousness though, these boats are built specifically as multi-engine towboats, so they’re pretty well reinforced and don’t have any problems taking the load as long as they’re kept up and aren’t rotted out. The transom itself is probably 4ish inches thick and has half inch aluminum plates reinforcing it on either side as well. A demonstration of what they’re actually capable of pulling:

80 person pyramid:

I didnt realize it was a tow boat, it looks so small for the 3 motors I assumed it might be 900hp strapped to a crappy bass boat or something. 

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We bought my son a new bike as an early birthday present.  He was on a 12" Huffy that he outgrew and we're avid family riders so we put him in a 20" he can grow in to.  It's a Giant XTC Jr lite from Endurance House in Delafield and he's picking up on the hand brakes and gears really well already.  We easily have a few miles on it already.  It's a nicer bike than I have!PXL_20210502_180223324.jpg

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13 hours ago, patsbimmer1 said:

We bought my son a new bike as an early birthday present. 

I got my kids onto bikes with hand brakes and derailleurs as soon as I could so they could become little shreddies on the MTB trails. 
With how quickly they grow it is hard to justify getting them each a $400 Trek so I’ve tried to find the best department store bikes and upgraded things to make them a bit safer and more trailworthy.

Looks like he has a great bike! Time to try out Minooka

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