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chit chat thread

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12 hours ago, jc43089 said:

I think I had to make a custom allen wrench tool to get the screws out for the filter.  Did you have Xemodex rebuild the DEM?  Was it corroded?  I got lucky and my pump failed open instead of shorting out and wrecking the DEM too.  Do you have VIDA to check out pump current draw and pressure sensor reading?

It looked fine but failed internally.  I bought one on ebay for shits and giggles and it was also dead.  I had no voltage at the connector and when 12v was applied to the pump it worked and no communication to my scan tool so i determined the DEM failed and was proven right. I have an Autel MS906 scan tool so I can communicate with all that shenannigans.  I had it rebuilt by BBA Reman for $225 as opposed to Xemodex for $400+.  They were cheaper and located in the states.  I had it back in the same week it was shipped and spoke to real people.  It was a great experience.

10 hours ago, straight6pwr said:

whatever you guys are on about is boring. shouldnt you be talking about turbos or meatballs or candy fish?

It has a 5 cyl turbo... does that count?

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BFG Sport Comp 2s (Ultra High-Performance Summer) were getting it done this morning. Not enough accumulation on the road for hooning, but there were some icy spots that were a bit sketchy. May be getting new snows sooner rather than later.

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