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Found 5 results

  1. Looking for some help. Recently purchased a 2003 330xi and have found a few issues. I tried searching but didn't find anything that seemed helpful. I'm currently having what seems to be various electrical systems. Often the blinkers will work outside the vehicle but not display on the dash. Another related problem is the dash indicators will continue flashing after turning the blinkers off. After unlocking the vehicle, the blinkers will flash ask around the car as if my hazards were on. The climate control system will occasionally turn itself up randomly or change the temperature it is set to. I also have problems with the cluster saying doors are open when they are not. I will occasionally also have to rebuckle my seatbelt when the cluster says it is not buckled. If anyone has had a similar problem and found a solution, I would probably fall in love with you if you led to me figuring this out. But currently I'm looking to see if there are any independent shops in the area that can reprogram some of these systems or rub a PA Soft scan. I'd like to avoid paying the dealer for this service because they will likely charge for more than the amount of work done.
  2. KyleKruse

    Affordable BMW repair

    Offering affordable BMW repairs. can do motor, transmission, suspension, and interior swap, repair, or upgrades. auto to manual swaps, motor build, brain box reprogramming, interior color swaps, suspensior upgrades or repairs, even minor odds and ends Anything BMW, no job too big or small let me know if I can be of your assistance in any way. Thank you.
  3. jayinmadison

    Need Clutch Fan Wrench 32mm e30

    I'm replacing my clutch fan on a e30 this weekend. Does anyon know of a spot in Madison that sells or rents one? Or perhaps would lend me one? I went to auto zone, harbor freight and northern tools. NT has a Ford clutch fan wrench set. Tho not sure that will fit. thanks
  4. I finally am open to public! Snyder Automotive LLC. $75/ hr 9203792678!
  5. Guest

    E30 Manuals

    Thought I would post up a list of working E30 manuals I found online. Working as of 12/29/13 Heres a VIN-decoder so you can figure out your E30s info and build date too: http://www.bmw-z1.com/VIN/VINdecode-e.cgi Electrical troubleshooting manuals (find the correct one for your car after finding the car's build date. Ex. Some 1985 cars are actually built in 1984) http://wedophones.com/BMWManualsLead.htm E30 Owner's Manual for 325(i/ix/is) models http://jon.bimmerfest.com/bulletins/e30_manual.pdf E30 Factory Repair Manual (These are what techs would use.) http://www.mediafire.com/download/tmn3nj4z2k2/bmw_e30_repair_manual_v7.pdf E30 Haynes Manual http://ebookbrowsee.net/bmw-3-5-series-service-and-repair-manual-83-91-pdf-d632093044 E30 Bentley Manual http://www.retrobmw.co.uk/downloads/e30bentley.rar You will have to extract it using winrar. the password required is all lowercase: bmw I encourage everyone to buy the manuals and just use these on the computer so that we are still supporting the publisher.