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Found 2 results

  1. I've fallen off the map here on WIBimmers so I figured this is a good way to get back into it. I picked this car up this summer west of Dallas, Texas. The green 540 was riddled with rust beyond repair and had to go. I picked up this car with 128,000 miles and drove her back home. It was kinda a barn find, two guys who own a BMW shop got it from someone and proceeded to do no maintenance on it. I decided to try and do this car some good right off the bat. I dropped the money on an 18-piece Lamforder control arm kit, engine mounts, and polyurethane subframe bushings. Doing the work on this car was an experience I've never had before. I would pay you if you found rust on this car. I was rubbing the dirty off the brake lines to find unoxidized metal (see picture below). Some other things I got done were getting my 2-piece, 18in style 5s redone. They were sandblasted down and are now powder coated, the barrels are imitation chrome, the faces are gray, and the bolts are zinc coated. I also let Marc screw around with the exhaust and this video resulted... https://youtu.be/16bq2TZDAZE I have some maintenance I want to get done but I am still a college student so it's getting done slowly. I will be commissioning into the navy in May so I should have the money to get some more done. I am thinking about buying another car so I can be dedicated to working on this car but it's very hard to justify having two cars being a 22-year-old in the navy. I also need to find a friend to be able to do my own work down here. Some upgrades I would like to have done very soon are: New exhaust fabbed up, goal is to sound like this https://youtu.be/gT3G2O6pViA Coilovers, still shopping around M60B44 Frankenstein build (M62 block with M60 head) General restoration
  2. Who doesn't want a piece of a car in their living room? (besides your wife) Well I do! Been drooling over engine coffee tables everywhere I see them, and I love model building, so it was inevitable for me to do this. The opportunity presented itself when I bought a blown-engine e34 for the rest of the drivetrain, so I saved a bunch of the parts to make this happen. I'm sure you've seen plenty of these projects, but usually they just take the block and spray paint it and call it a day. I'm taking a different route and using the top end of the m60 instead of the block. It will be the heads, the intake manifold/throttle body, and I'm going to carve a replica portion of the block out of wood to save weight and size. Step 1: Disassemble This is pretty straight forward, and I didn't take any pics. Only special step is I rented a valve spring compressor from autozone and made a custom tool out of conduit ( 3" long x 1" conduit), as the spring tool does not have the reach to get down in the lifter holes. Here's a picture of the valve stem seals after the valves have been removed. Step 2: Clean I'm individual washing and scrubbing every part. The heads were really gross, and cleaning inside them is far too difficult, so I had Kyle chemically wash them at his shop (Thanks Kyle) After cleaning Step 3: Prep and paint I'll be cleaning/polishing all gasket surfaces that will be visible, as well as the hydraulic lifters, and some various bits. Here i've done the polishing on one head and masked them for paint I'm spraying the heads and various parts with duplicolor silver wheel paint. it has a good metallic finish that looks alot like bare aluminum to me. I've used it on some wheel refinishing with good results. Paint finished on the head and lifters and valve springs cleaned and reinstalled. I'll update with more pictures as I go!
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